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Diablo 4 Season 3 Immortal Thorns Build for AFK Farming

Are you brave enough to become an immovable object in Sanctuary? The Immortal Thorns Barb Build for Diablo 4 promises a new perspective on mashing through hordes of enemies, as it allows you to grind away from your keyboard. This guide will walk you through the building blocks of this build, empowering your barbarian with an incredible amount of life and thorns damage. The Core of the Immortal Thorns Barb Build: What sets the Immortal Thorns Barb Build apart is its focus on increasing your life pool and thorns damage. A higher amount of bonus life means that every hit taken will reflect more damage back at your enemies. With the right gear and skills, this build essentially turns your character into a walking tank that obliterates everything in sight without any input required from you. Build Planner : The Key Elements to Success: To maximize AFK grinding efficiency, you'll need several key components: 1. Increasing Y

Why Old School RuneScape Players MUST Try Ironman Mode In 2024?

As one of the eminent MMORPGs in existence, Old School RuneScape (OSRS) remains timeless, thanks to its elaborate skill system and interesting quests that keep even long time players engaged. The game offers a 23 skill system plus more which makes it an expansive ground for hustle minded players in search for glory. However, Ironman mode is by far the most difficult way to play OSRS and at the same time offer unprecedented rewards and transformations. Here are some reasons why as an Old School RuneScape player you would want to go with Ironman Mode come 2024. What is Ironman Mode? Ironman Mode is a different approach to playing OSRS where there is emphasis on self-sufficiency and independence. This means that you cannot trade with other players while playing this mode hence your sole responsibility will be to gather resources, make gear and overcome challenges alone. In this case every achievement in the game seems genuine as opposed to just another milestone. There are four flavors o

What Uber Uniques Drop Rates Changes for Diablo 4 Season 3?

Today we take a deep dive into Diablo 4's latest update, and the introduction of a significant buff to Uber Drop Rates. This change will impact how players play the game and make it more rewarding. We'll explore what these buffs mean for your gameplay and how they could enhance your journey through Sanctuary. Uber Drop Rates Explained Uber Drop Rates in Diablo 4 are how likely you are to obtain the games rarest and most powerful items in the game that are called Uber Uniques. These items are so strong that they can bend reality at times being able to destroy entire screens with one swing. Before this update, you’d have to be very lucky to get an Uber Unique item because there was a slim chance of them dropping. The Buffs Impact The buffs made on drop rates for Uber Uniques is going to be huge in Diablo 4's community. Having higher drop rates means that now players can find these incredibly rare items way more frequently than before which is going to help reduce grinding tim