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Next injury: Kwadwo has to continue on Münster

After the sitting line, with which the 26-year-old was from August to December 2021, now follows an outer tape crack in the knee. This injury moved to the Deusch-Ghanaer in training as his club announced. So on his debut for the Prussia, he has to wait at least for a few more weeks. In July 2021, Radio from third division Waldo Mannheim came to Prussia Münster. Before his commitment to Mannheim, he had been free of charge for four months. In his career, Radio has already completed 25 second ligament games for Kaiserslautern and Magdeburg. In the 3rd league he came to 60 games (louder, Magdeburg, Großaspach). Münster can still make hopes for the rise in the West Season, but the residue on leader RAW food is already five points. Next weekend, the eagle carriers are on Saturday (2 pm) before the compulsory task against Keller kind Wegberg-Beeck.

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