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Children's bicycles in the test: five fall through

Even for the little ones among the cyclists, the time in the saddle has started again with the warm spring weather. It goes without saying that parents want to put their child on as good and safe as possible. In cooperation, they checked a total of twelve 20-inch bikes, as they are particularly suitable for kids in primary school age. The criteria of handling, driving, suitability for the child, security and durability as well as the pollution of pollutants played a central role. weaknesses in terms of security pollutants in the saddle cover The price breaker surprised test drive before buying weaknesses in terms of security At a glance: the test results. Please click to enlarge. ADAC The testers were satisfied with the driving characteristics - these discipline mastered all candidates with good grades. However, it looked worse at the important "security" test point. Here five bikes made such weaknesses that they were qualified in the overall judgment with "poor&qu

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