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After The World Cup Victory: Mac Allister Gets A 2-Week Break From Brighton

After being crowned world champions after a victory against France in the World Cup, Argentine footballer Alexis Mac Allister can enjoy a well-deserved two-week break from his team at Brighton. Find out what he plans to do with this special time off and how it will help him recharge for the next season! Argentine football world champion Alexis Mac Allister can take a little break in the house after the last accomplishment versus France. The 23-year-old from the English Premier League club Brighton receives a two-week break, as coach Roberto de Zerbi confirmed. We are very proud of Alexis. He was among the very best gamers in the competition. We are very happy for him, said De Zero. Brighton & Hove Albion meets Charlton Athletic this Wednesday in the round of 16 of the league cup. It is very important that he has a moment of calm to enjoy him with his household. After a month worldwide Cup, in which he had to be strong due to the pressure and feelings, he requires a break. We w

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