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MLB The Show 24 Top 10 Home Run Players

We're taking a look at the top 10 players in MLB The Show 24 and I'm going to show you how to hit a home run with each of them. And since we don't want to waste any time, we're going to do it all in one hour. So tighten your gloves, take a deep breath, and step up to the plate. Matt Olsen (95 Overall) First up is Matt Olsen. With his unique stride and overall rating of 95 we're swinging for the fences with every pitch. The clock is ticking so let's make sure we don't miss any opportunities. There it goes! Our first home run! Yordan Alvarez (96 Overall) You remember Yordan Alvarez from his post-season heroics right? Good – because we're using that energy today. Robbie Ray isn't on the mound anymore so we have to change out strategy – this causes us to start off slow but after some more misses, it all comes together in one swing. Home run number two is good! Austin Riley Next is Austin Riley . Hitting against Bruce Darvish Graterol isn't easy and h