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MLB The Show 24 Top 10 Home Run Players

We're taking a look at the top 10 players in MLB The Show 24 and I'm going to show you how to hit a home run with each of them. And since we don't want to waste any time, we're going to do it all in one hour. So tighten your gloves, take a deep breath, and step up to the plate.

Matt Olsen (95 Overall)

First up is Matt Olsen. With his unique stride and overall rating of 95 we're swinging for the fences with every pitch. The clock is ticking so let's make sure we don't miss any opportunities. There it goes! Our first home run!

Yordan Alvarez (96 Overall)

You remember Yordan Alvarez from his post-season heroics right? Good – because we're using that energy today. Robbie Ray isn't on the mound anymore so we have to change out strategy – this causes us to start off slow but after some more misses, it all comes together in one swing. Home run number two is good!

Austin Riley

Next is Austin Riley . Hitting against Bruce Darvish Graterol isn't easy and his pitches are a lot faster than other pitchers in the game. It takes many swings before we hit it just right – but when he does he sends it flying across the field.

Spencer Strider

Pitcher turned hitter Spencer Strider has a PCI smaller than our chance of hitting the ball – so things aren't looking good from the start. However once we switch difficulties things begin to pick up speed - not only managing to get some contact but also landing another home run.

Cory Seager (98 Overall)

Cory Seager has an overall rating of 98 which gives us high hopes... until we remember that Texas Stadium is known for being notoriously bad for hitters like him Zack Gallen adds even more pressure as if there wasn't more than enough. Luckily he manages to hit it out of the park.

Aaron Judge (99 Overall)

Aaron Judge has an overall rating of 99 so we have to hit a majestic shot to center field at Yankee Stadium… no cheap home runs allowed here! After a couple of tries he finally hits the ball with his full power and you can hear the crack from miles away.

Mookie Betts (99 Overall)

Doing anything at Dodger Stadium at night is tough, but hitting a home run is like climbing Mount Everest in this game. But the MLB The Show 24 soundtrack gives us hope and makes him swing harder - ultimately sending one up into the sky.

Mike Trout (99 Overall)

Mike Trout takes us to Polo Grounds for what might be the most iconic challenge yet. He needs to hit a home run here and leg out an inside-the-parker. This won't be easy but since when has that stopped him? With agility on his side he completes both tasks in record time.

Shohei Ohtani (99 Overall)

Shohei Ohtani faces off against himself in one of those weird challenges that only this game can come up with. It's a battle between two titans – but Ohtani's bat comes through with a shot that leaves us all speechless.

Ronald Acuña Jr

According to nearly every measure you can think of, he's our best player. And right now, he steps up to the plate at Forbes Field, facing John Donaldson who throws 105 mph fastball sliders. This is without a doubt the toughest challenge we’ve faced. He swings and misses a bunch until finally finding his groove and hitting one deep into the outfield seats.


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