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Google In-app payment tricks... Domestic and foreign policy authorities law enforcement tight

Recently, it is noteworthy how to prevent this to prevent the tricks that Google wants to bypass the forced prohibition of the App Payment Prohibition Act.

Since the passage of the law, Google will allow Google to allow external payments to app developers, but the external payment fee, which Google s external payment fee is 4% p lower than the app s payment fee..

Overseas legislators are also recognizing Apple and Google to cognize the Korean law, and they are the position to respond to the future regulations.

Kim, Hymn Broadcasting Communication Committee The site of the site is the International Seminar for Global App Ecosystem Fairness at Seoul Guido National Assembly Library, and I will not work on the application of a regulatory subordinate to I would like to respond to stronger if I solve it through conversation so that the members do not delay the implementation and do not have a visible resolution.

The National Assembly has passed the amendment of the Bulletin Business Law Corporate Law Corporation, the Corporate Billing Corporation, which is a name, which is a name, As the 17th, the Conference is expected to decline the enactment of the enforcement at the entire meeting.

I will prepare for the Enforcement Decree and a notice from March (next year) to March (next year), and will notice the legislative on the government yesterday, I discussed the draft of the Municipal Commission and the draft of the Enforcement Decree, and to discuss the officials and report it to the public I said.

Domestic and foreign content industry Big Tech s exclusive to prevent international cooperation

On this day, the seminars have gathered that domestic and foreign content industry representatives and legislators have attended to ensure that they should be cooperated to prevent monopolies of global Big Tech enterprises.

Related laws such as European and the United States are not yet exceeding the National Assembly threshold. The European Parliament has issued a digital service bill (DSA) similar to the forced prohibition of the App Payment (DSA) last year, and France is pushing it strongly. The US Senate was held in August last August.

Team Sweeten Epic Games representative said, I am a Korean, he said.

Apple is not only ignoring the Korean law, but it is necessary to do it, but it is necessary to do that Apple complies with abroad national law, he said, Although the same is open to the same, Apple and Google s policy to interfere with the metabus creation of other companies and dominate themselves.

He added, If Korea recovers fair economy with the operating system proprietary, it will be possible to compete with the software creator with the improvement of consumer prices.

The Republic of Korea Webtoon Industry Association, said, The Force Prohibition of the In-App Payment is passed, and many developers and creators were cheered, and they felt pride in the first time in the world, I urged you to solve this way, such as adding additional fees, such as adding additional fees to payment.

USA · France bypass tricks, compatible with dense regulation

Overseas legislators are also recognizing the attempt to bypass the forced prohibition of the In-app of Korea s In-app, and emphasized that they should respond to a compatible regulation on the future.

Sasha Blackburn, a member of the Sasha, who attended a seminar with a video, said, It is implied that Apple is ignoring Korea s new law, how the situation will be deployed in other countries, says, We are trying to specify the clear and applicable rules for app market operators and content creators by issuing the Open App Market bill with the Senator of Amy Clover ha.

I prepared a digital service bill in France, I have been preparing for a digital service bill in France, I put on a semi-process for digital content, and I hope to be passed through the presidential election next year.

The bill will play a role like a gatekeeper, and companies will regulate the act of inhibition of any innovation, he said, It will take about the next five years to make a complete regulation, and to solve the problem flexibly I am flagged and added to the world s cooperation.

Financial Times editor comments on shift in U.S. foreign policy

In addition to hosting this seminar, the Democratic Party said, Google and Apple have been reported to report policies since the laws of Korea have been implemented in Korea. Following the International Seminar, We plan to hold a seminar to inform the unfairness of payment forces.


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