Lol: The eliminated mechanics of the rankeds that you never knew that it was available

One of the elements that demonstrates the weight of the community in the development of League of Legends is the fact that many suggestions made by the players are introduced in the title or, as little, appear in the internal tests of the Developer This is the case of the privacy options on the profile that could arrive at the next 11.23 patch or the discarded idea of ​​increasing MANA regeneration at the base. Maybe that s why they surprise some of the ideas that Riot Games constantly discards, although there is usually a reason for it.

A mechanics that will not return to the ranked

A relatively habitual proposal between the community is that of the inclusion of an option in the qualifying items that allows us to select a role that we do not want to play. This would allow many players to avoid those positions where they feel that they do not have the level enough to surrender at the height of their peers, in such a way that the quality of the items would increase. However, what many players have forgotten is that Riot Games already tested with this system having decided to discard forever.

Perhaps those who have more present have this option in League of Legends are Latin American readers, since Riot Games carried out the experiment on these two servers during the final patches of season 6. However, the developer justified his elimination Ensuring that it affected negatively at the waiting times of pairing. A negative situation that, simply, did not compensate and led them to make the decision to maintain the current system that allows us to choose our two favorite positions.

League of Legends Mini Guide - Ranked Explained

An alternative that has presented the League of Legends community to try to pass over this problem and have something more variety is that the possibility of BANNED a role is only available in case of choosing the position of Fill Or autocomplete. However, from the developer they have not pronounced regarding the situation even if it is something very requested by the players. In fact, there are few who think it would be very positive for the game.


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