LOL: Rekkles would have run out of equipment at LEC 2022

From the announcement of the G2 ESPORTS renovation, the name of Martin Reckless Larsson seemed not to appear in some Squad de Europa. While there were some comments on joke about Team Solo mid, the reality is that nobody knows with certainty where it will go in 2022. Special now that, apparently, all teams are ready to sign from November 15.

According to LEC Woo loo, account dedicated to reporting on Europe s movements, Reckless has no equipment in LEC. Something that not many would expect from the Split Sprite MVP. While he did not fulfill his goal of reaching Worlds 2021 and winning it, it was certainly not the worst season of Swedish.

As we have previously commented, teams must wait until November 15 to sign contracts. What is usually mentioned in social networks are verbal agreements, which can change if something happens. In that sense, there is a minimum possibility that Reckless stay in Europe, but there are not many spaces available.

Carlos Ocelot Rodríguez, owner of G2 ESPORTS, commented that Reckless can go wherever he wants. For this, interested teams must pay a quota of 1.5 million euros, according to him. The sum responds to several points, including the player s contract to expire up to 2023. Then, a clause must be paid for purchase, which usually includes the contract.

The LEC 2022 will have a repertoire of shooters ranging from newcomers to those who have time in the competition. There are no rumors that link Reckless to a particular team. Rogue, Team Vitality and the new Team BDS seem to have silted their shooters, as well as Mad Lions and even the same G2 ESPORTS with Víctor Flanked Viola.

This news arrives at a peculiar moment. Recently, we learned that G2 ESPORTS added a clause that restricted the transfer of Luka Perez Periodic to Fanatic. Riot Games got hands on the matter and commented publicly that he will ignore said detail. In addition, conditions of that style will be prohibited from now on.

While the publication of LEC Woo loo talks about Europe, it does not discard North America. There we could see more than one change, mainly in Team Solo mid.

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Ported via Michael Mongol / Riot Games.


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