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Star Wars: Fans are not allowed to touch the real lightsaber

This write-up offers a summary of the most essential numbers of the Star Wars Cosmos, whose history started with the 1977 motion picture war of the stars (English initial title: Star Wars). Maker of Star Wars is the film writer, producer as well as supervisor George Lucas. In the core, Star Wars presently consists of 3 film trilogies: the initial trilogy, which in addition to War of Stars (Episode IV) the films the realm repels (1980, episode V) as well as the return of the Jedi knights (1983, episode VI); the prequel trilogy, which plays in the original trilogy, with the films the dark hazard (1999, episode I), strike of the clone warrior (2002, episode II) and also the revenge of the Sith (2005, Episode III); As well as lastly, the web content of the original trilogy complying with Follow-up Trilogy, which began in 2015 with the awakening of power (Episode VII) and also proceeded with the last Jedi (Episode VIII) in 2017. The climb Sky walkers (Episode IX) completed this trilogy in 2019. Additionally, there are a number of descendants, which are officially marketed as a Star Wars Tale. These are summed up in this article under the term Compilation. Under this drops Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which appeared in 2016. In May 2018, Solo appeared: A Star Wars Tale the second film of this series, which has its action off the main trilogies. Under the term broadened world (Expanded Cosmos), all licensed STAR-WARS products are taken outside the flicks in the Star Wars context. The extensive universe consists of publications, comic pamphlets, video games and also other media that expand the stories that are told in the movies. The growth of the Star Wars Cosmos started in 1978. With the acquisition of the Star Wars brand name by Disney in 2012, the Expanded Cosmos changed essentially. At the end of April 2014, Disney introduced that the former expanded universe did not belong to the official canon as well as individually continue under the collecting name Legends. To the Star Wars canon are henceforth the movies, the series Star Wars: The Clone Wars as well as Star Wars Rebels along with all (with a couple of exemptions) from April 2014 published as well as newly released, various other Star-Wars media. Star Wars News are developed together with the so-called Lucasfilm Tale Team to preserve continuity in between the private jobs. The most essential numbers of the Star Wars Universe are listed here. The emphasis gets on the movie theater movies as well as series. Performances in books, comics and also computer game or figures from these media are not listed if they do not take any considerable importance in the story of Star Wars. Considerable as well as preferred numbers and efficiencies in the unknown stories are finally listed under the collective term Legends. The partly suggested birth and also death data is based upon the make believe galactic era, which shares the occasions in the Star Wars Cosmos in 2 dates: the years prior to the Battle of Gavin (VS) and after the Fight of Gavin (NSW). In the fight of Gavin, the initial fatality star was destroyed by Luke Skywalker at the end of destiny (Episode IV).

Disney's REAL lightsaber looks insane! Here's how it may work

Half a year ago Disney announced that the opening of the Star Wars Hotel Galactic Star cruiser in the Hollywood Studios in Florida will have a genuine lightsaber Others will be used in the performances in the hotel s event program. Visitors may not touch the lightsaber.

Real lighting dots are not offered for sale

Anyone who had hoped for he allowed to take a new lightsaber with Disney s patented lightsaber technology home is also disappointed here. According to those responsible, the light ageists are determined exclusively for the performers of the performances and are not offered on sale. Visitors may at least watch the lightsaber.

What does the hotel Star Wars: Galactic Star cruiser ?

The opening of the Sci-Fi hotel is currently for the 1 . March 2022 planned and is part of the theme world Star Wars: Galaxy s Edge, which was started some time ago in the Hollywood Studios. For the luxury hotel, however, fans have to reach deep in the purses. The prices for the two night experience start at 4,809 US dollars for two people.

Guests go through a lightsaber training during their stay, where they will keep high quality replicas of the role models in their hands. For example, emerging Jedi can learn with the lightweight how to reflect laser shots.

What s the real lightsaber from Disney?

Already at the then ideas, a video was released, which shows the new lightsaber in action. On Twitter, a representation was also shared, how the technology works behind the lightsaber.

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