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Swordcery is a new roguelike from ex lover

Sorcery is a new roguelike from 2 previous God of War devs concerning a hero that wields hundreds of distinct magic swords to vanquish evil.

ENTER THE SWORDUNGEON, ACTION ROGUELIKE!! | Let's Try: Swordcery | Gameplay The task is being spearheaded by Don Thurakichprempri as well as Mike Henri, both animators on the 2018 God of War reboot. Thurakichprempri tells Thurakichprempri the duo was keen on making a video game they had complete creative control over, and also hence the main gameplay premise for Sorcery was birthed out of a weird dream about a knight utilizing a huge pizza cutter as a weapon.

The following day I hit up my buddy Mike as well as informed him concerning it and we just thought itd be so awesome to see that round blade spinning and also let loose a disastrous cutter blade projectile that would certainly appear like it was slicing the ground, Thurakichprempri says.

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The story starts with a giant blade plunging into a mountain array and stealing the Planets power as smaller blades continue raining down from the skies. You play as Colt, an unsuspecting hero whos able to make use of the smaller sized blades to beat a transcendent evil. Greatly influenced by Hades, the video game entails traversing via different procedurally created dungeons, as well as when you pass away, you return to the beginning with any type of credit reports you have actually earned for permanent personality upgrades.

The swords you locate and also make use of along the means will certainly fall right into different tool courses like Titan Sword, Katina, as well as Double Swords — every one with its very own light attack combination and a distinct heavy attack. Every weapon additionally has a distinct magic ability, called its Sorcery. These consist of the capability to toss your sword like a boomerang, rumbling down as a screw of lightning, open hellfire crevices, and summon a ring of safety snowflakes. Thurakichprempri claims his preferred Sorcery is called The Fed Death squad, which he refers to as an amusing group control sword that looks like a tape dispenser, and also it lets you catch opponents in cardboard boxes.

Sorcery has a complimentary demonstration on Heavy steam you can take a look at currently. The beginning consists of 21 swords, but more than 100 swords are prepared for the complete launch. Its concerning computer at some time in the undefined future, however the goal is to release it on Switch as well as various other consoles also. If you like what you see, theres a Kickstarter you can make use of to promise your support.


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