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Test: Mario Party Superstars, not so great

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, known in Japan as Mario & Sonic at the Beijing Olympics (マリオ & ソニック at 北京 オリ ピック, Mario & Sonic at the Beijing Olympics ?), Is a Crossover kind sports video game developed by Sega Sports R & D Department of Sega Japan. Nintendo took care of its circulation in Japanese region, while Sega did the same but also for The United States And Canada, Europe as well as other regions. The game has the official license of the International Olympic Board (IOC) via the unique permit of International Sports Multimedia (ISM). It is the first title in which franchise business personalities show up by Mario and Sonic The Hedgehog. Its premiere happened in November 2007 for the Wii video clip game console, as well as in January 2008 for the mobile version destined to Nintendo DS; It is taken into consideration the initial official computer game of the Beijing Olympic Games 2008. In order to attract the interest of young people in the Olympics, Sega took on the Suitable of the IOC relating to advertising the sports spirit through competitions between its personalities. Ultimately, they asked for a permit to Nintendo to be able to integrate Mario and others from his personalities, considering that this would add better competitiveness to the title. You need to include that, in the very early 1990s, the mascot of SEGA (Sonic the Hedgehog) He was the opponent of Mario in the market. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Gaming has 24 events based upon the Olympic Games, where the gamer can represent a Nintendo or Sega character to complete versus various other players. Currently, in the game mode, the customer needs to make use of the Wii mote in a similar method to how the sporting activity that is playing is practiced in the real world, such as by turning a shovel to replicate a paddle motion. For the DS variation. Of the game, the controllers are the heel and the buttons on the laptop. In both video games, the rules and laws are given according to the specific sport in inquiry. The critic praised the multiplayer setting of the ready Wii in addition to the selection of events in both versions. However, there were negative viewpoints relating to the difficulty in the use of the Wii command, as well as the void interaction in between the players for the mobile counterpart. In the Gaming Convention, held in Leipzig, he was differentiated to the variation for Wii as the best game of the console in 2007. In overall, Mario & Sonic has sold greater than 10 million copies all over the world, and generated a series of sporting activities video clip games associated with the Olympic Gaming.

Highly expected title of the Mario Party series where the stars of the Mario universe oppose partner game interceded with crazy mini-games: Mario Party Superstars will he live up to previous titles, the answer in Our test.

This test in Nintendo Switch with a commercial version of the game.

A particularly complex output context

Although it is only one of many titles, the ad superstars is part of a mixed context. For good reason, his predecessor Super Mario Party on Nintendo Switch is at the heart of many disappointments.

The previous opus was tried too incomplete by many fans with an online mode absent at the exit of the game. It will take two years in Nintendo to finally add it to Super Mario Party, a surprising decision so late in the life cycle of the title. The hope of seeing a new free content stops as abruptly with the announcement of a new Mario Party, Superstars.

A Mario Party centered on mode online...

From the first moments of the test, Mario Party Superstars reassures, the online mode is present, with many options gathered in the data home. A Mario Party as online profile allows you to share its high facts, all the performance of the player to each mini-game are retrieved to participate in real-time ranking and exploits are available.

Online mode seems mastered, the online games remain stable and even for the most nervous mini-games, rarely leaving some very light bugs occur. To limit them, the possibility of creating and joining trade shows in the Friends Fair space greatly facilitates the organization of several parts. In particular thanks to the lounge coding system that allows you to get rid of the Nintendo friend s fashion complex.

A mastery that feels in some important details such as for example, the implementation of stickers that allow effective communication between players. The ends of parts make it possible to accumulate points for the profile pushing the players, including those last ranked from the game, to stay until the end. In case of disconnection, you can reconnect and that anytime since a bot will take your place in the game.

that quickly shows its faults on many aspects:

Past the pleasure of online mode accessible, it confronts many obstacles specific to all games of the same kind. The parts are long, even at the number of tricks minimum, your chances of finishing the game with real players fade more the hard part. The absence of matchmaking does not improve. From the first part a level 7 player can meet a Level 92 player.

Although there are many benefits to completing a game, they do not remain inevitable and coupled with the lack of restrictions. Therefore, party abandonment remains an option possible for the last ranking...

A satisfactory content that echoes the series...

In number, the new game trays all offer unique experiences. New mechanics to discover as the secret doors opening only if the player has a key. All actions see their more fluid and fast animations. Greatly reducing the playing time of a character, satisfying in online mode.

We will notice the presence of many winks at the precedents Mario Party. From the profile creation it is possible to choose and display your favorite but above all, to enjoy some of their revisited mini-games for this version.

Next to the main mode, the mini-game mountain offers several adventures based on the realization of mini-games or group of 3 in the daily challenges, either by category. We note the possibility of training on each mini-game quickly, against computers with many levels of difficulty with the ability to restart the mini-game at any time very quickly.

Very insufficient to make this title memorable:

Among the 4 trays, 3 have the same mechanics to capture the star, the star changes space and although many ideas bring a wind of freshness, none presents really special mechanics and memorable. We think in the Mask ass Train in Mario Party 8, or more recently Camel s Fly Manor on Super Mario Party.

Mario Party Superstars is much less generous in content. Upon selection of characters with 10 against double on Super Mario Party, with only 2 game modes against 8 previously. An understandable choice to focus on online mode but does not make the balance sheet less heavy.

The online mode level system and superstars exploits are also very far from competing with the satisfaction of unblocking a character or even jewels. Only the number of mini-games are more numerous compared to the previous title, from 80 to 100 for this new opus. However, their quality remains very unsatisfactory. As an ideal order, almost one-third of the mini-games seems to have a sufficiently high imbalance to make them more frustrating than fun.

Mario Party Additional Content Superstars:

Superstar lacks content to be an indispensable, especially when we are used to completing appended modes like the rafting of Super Mario Party. Its sleek, faster appearance and mastery of online mode remain positive, dependent on a minimum of content.

Additional content that is sorely lacking to bring Mario Party closer to its superstars title. Sold at a full game price You can only hope to quickly see free updates or justifying a real add to the game.

Mario Party Superstars is NOT what I expected... There remains a good title for making parties with online friends or home. However, Super Mario Party remains a better choice to embark on the adventure on Switch.

The test assessment

Here there will be the image of the dinosaur

Mario Party Superstars offers during this test a solid base for online mode, without content to develop real potential. Super Mario Party remains much richer and interesting to acquire on the console.

The strong points

Solid online mode 100 mini-games including several references to the old games Quick and fluid game animations.

The weak spots

Play trays without memorable mechanics No additional game mode 10 characters to embody Matchmaking in a risky line Non-negligible base of unbalanced mini-game


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