The Visual Novel Anonymous; Code still postponed one year

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Decidedly, the Novel Anonymous; Code seems locked in a time loop worthy of Steins; gate, its illustrious predecessor. The No Novel Studio Magazine. Now tilted to 2022, as Dakota Masada confirmed in an interview with the Japanese Denied Online site.

We are looking forward and improve the quality of the game, because Shikura-san (Chiyomaru Sakura, Grand Manitou of Mages) is very picky about his work. It s himself who will announce the release date and the Other details related to the game. We are sorry to have made you wait so long, but we hope you will wait for other info later, recognizes Masada, who does not believe so well: the announcement of the project now goes back to 2015. The initial release date was scheduled for autumn 2021, but we are already in autumn... The launch will take place in 2022, and we are preparing accordingly for the official announcement.

[Anonymous;CODE] New Trailer

Recently accurized by the development of AMISOM Detective Club, one of the Japanese specialists from the visual Novel always keeps an eye on the series of Adventure Science which made his fame. In addition to anonymous; codes, which has the framework for a future where a major computer dysfunction has caused the fall in the military satellites in orbit and the destruction of the main cities in the world, the publisher plans to group and reissue the two episodes that Chaos form; Head Noah and Chaos; Child in February 2022. We will probably wear the games as such, without changing the content, so that they can be marketed at a reasonable price. I am sure we will be able to do it., says Masada, which aims to make the titles playable without having to juggle between several platforms.


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