After farewell to Eintracht Frankfurt: Why Fredi Bobic at Hertha BSC under pressure device

When the change from Fred BBC from Eintracht Frankfurt to Bertha BSC in mid-April, it was clear the joy was just as huge in the capital, such as frustration in the Main metropolis. But the first month of the new coachs manager in Berlin were to be dashed: Athletic remained the old lady far below expectations, and off the pitch rarely prevailed harmony. Where BBC is not entirely innocent development.

In black suit and white shirt Taken Workout appeared on his debut at the Bertha podium. But the choice of clothing of new coach clarified: That was not matching the equally chic style of Fred BBC, who sat beside him.

Gone are the days when a cult figure Pal Cardie sat in Hood with club logo on the heart next to the CEO and far beyond matters of fashion beyond dissonance between coach and boss with great difficulty are difficult in so long parched unsuccessfully for pomp and circumstance Berliners Been to hide.

1 draw with Bayer Leverkusen and FC Augsburg possible victories gambled recklessly short before the end, in between there was the sobering 0: last were in the 1 2 in the derby at athletic uneaten local rivals 1. FC Union.

Cardie always spoke after only days shape and good training performances of his players. Now BBC gave the time for long been suspected separation has come.

Bertha BSC: Workout not a man for Big-City-dimensions

Bertha BSC great coach fluctuation proceeds to call under BBC. The club wore out (2015-2019) four other trainers in Ante Comic, Jürgen Kinsman, Alexander Houri and Bruno Lambada over the past two and a half years after the first, ended because of constant mediocrity commitment Cardie.

REACTION auf die 1. Pressekonferenz von Hertha BSC mit Tayfun Korkut und Fredi Bobic!

The next candidate also is not yet so far but for a football life in big-city dimensions. Quite surprising was the first coach Taken Workout choice of BBC. But: They know each other. VfB Stuttgart he was a youth coach to BBC 'manager days. The contact is not demolished, revealed this. He had seen how meticulously Taken works as can inspire Team worker young people, he called.

Later, when BBC was gone, Workout was for 22 games head coach at CFB. Before that, he — also for only a few months — coach at Bayer Leverkusen (12 games) and 1. FC Kaiserslautern (18). For the first time ever, he was responsible for Hanover 96 2014-2015.

Why Cardie at Bertha BSC longer possessed no credit

Workout that name does not cause euphoria among the fans, the new trainer is well aware. Also, BBC hinted that the new line boss should be a permanent solution, Roger Schmidt and David Wagner are medium as candidates. But here and now we took Cardie simply not on.

BBC could verklausulieren difficult that the Hungarian had no credit for a long time. We had a total not feel things that improve, he said. One must from what we have to get the most.

With his often-brittle wood, sometimes ironic kind had Cardie weakened his own position again. Thus, his statements were about after the 0: 5 criticized publicly against Bavaria in August by the chef.

Probably looking for Bertha BSC has long been a great coach. Pal is a small trainer, a nice coach, he helps out as long as it should be. If a very great coach here, Pal immediately goes back to U16 and does his job as before, Cardie had said with an offended tone.

That came at BBC not good. Cardie was allowed to stay, albeit not on probation. Pal noticed: He should have after three defeats and his emotional error actually fly, BBC commented on the situation a little later, that, but I'm not done because I wanted to show him and the club. We need peace and stability

Problem: The guide was probably long outgrown behind the coach who likes commented times disparagingly about the goals and philosophies of millions of investor and donor Lars Windsors.

Bertha BSC: BBC looks for his transfer knack yet

Following the recent last-minute shock against Augsburg BBC had finally seen enough. The desire to bring it departed from its credo, staff continuity in the club, and pulled the ripcord. Critics say: too late.

At the same time the manager made it clear that Cardie is not solely responsible for the Berlin Trustees. The team is now in the duty. They will also hear from me, BBC said before the first unit under Workout.

For some time, the 50-year-old preaches the immense meaning of the appropriate mentality. BBC has therefore not spared himself to give up highly assisted players like Mathews Cuba or Jodi Lukébakio in summer.

That's why we sorted out the moody players in the summer and get guys who know what their job is, and stand for quality and mentality, said BBC, who announced further changes for the next transfer periods.

His first deals in Berlin were far less successful: From the eight summer's duties, no single fully hit the returnee Kevin-Prince Boating flopped Gar Total.

Kevin-Prince Boating (l.) Is only bank warmer at Bertha BSC

Bertha BSC needs at least six points until the winter break

The fact is: the hoped-for upswing of the Bertha fighting for a long image for a long time and the dream of international ranks remained despite 375 million euros in investor payments from Lars Windsors. BBC could not change this yet.

At his surprising and careful decision to oblige corrupt to commit caskets, the coachs chief will have to be measured inevitably.

In the four bustling games to the winter break, at least six points must be made to protect the distance to the relegation places. If that does not succeed, BBC is likely to encourage the crossfire. Chic suits alone are not enough.

Halo Lutes (with DPA material)


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