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Aftermath: Psychological survival

Meta Publishing announces Aftermath, a psychological thriller that appears next year for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 | 5 and PC.

For the development, the Italian Developer Studio One O One Games is responsible for implementing Aftermath with the Unveil Engine. Xbox's players is the studio known by The Suicide of Rachel Foster.

In Aftermath, she succeeds in the role of astronaut Charlie Gray, which will give the Earth after her return. When exploring this new world, she has to collect resources and crafts to survive and face unknown opponents.

About Aftermath

Charlie Gray had arrived at the top. She had achieved a talented engineer and European astronautic, of which most people can only dream. But after a failed re-entry to the earth and the subsequent traumatic events, she returned with a broken heart. Her life was more and more out of the joints, and now Charlie finds himself again in an abandoned, fragmented world. She only knows that she has to find the only thing that means something else: Sammy.

Aftermath More screenshots and conceptual images

Analyzes your environment and uses the available resources. Banal, everyday objects can become invaluable tools in the fight against the enigmatic beings that are improper in the city. Know the weaknesses of the strange beings and finds the best way to turn off those who want to abuse you as a sacrifice.

Feature and features

A powerful human story

What will become of humanity when confronted with unimaginable events? Let's unite and become stronger, or are we falling apart? Will we still form the past or will we find the power to focus on what could be? Aftermath throws a deep look at philosophical, psychological and other issues that we could face well-faced situations.

Unique visual design

The stunning aesthetics of the game was created the brilliant Italian master of visual arts Alessandro Bavaria, the artist behind the design of Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant and Spirit.

Life and death are a puzzle

Charlie can be found in a nightmare again. What's going? And where is the core of that puzzle that applies every moment of Charlies? If death is not the end, what then?

An original soundtrack

Aftermath has a multi-faceted soundtrack with original songs of Uncle, Planet Funk and many more.

Imagine your opponent

Charlie is hunted by an invisible opponent. Decrypts the mystery of this seemingly invincible hunter and uses every facet of your arsenal to overlay and survive him. But could other forces lurk in the ruins of the city and beyond? What fate threatens humanity?

remains healthy and always ready

With the right diet, spiritual health and physical endurance, you are always one step ahead of your opponents, remains vigilant and willing to overlay your opponents.

Realistic crafting

Aftermath uses Charlie's technical mind and scientific approach to establishing a new crafting concept instead of a simple system. The environment must be observed and analyzed in order to then create a draft and to obtain the necessary parts for making.

A familiar environment

Explores the detailed replica of a historic city that was depleted by the fearsome power of an ancient, about her hovering aliens artifact.


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