FFXIV ENDWALKER: How to get artifact materials

End walker expansion of Final Fantasy XIV is finally available for PC and PlayStation, and if you thought that Early Access launch alignments were bad, well, now they are even worse. Regardless, the new expansion includes tons of new dungeons and tests so that players try them, as well as a new game team that looks pretty good for each different work in the game. Here is How to get all the artifact team at FFI End walker.

The artifact team are pieces of armor and specific equipment for each work in the game, which gives them a unique and distinctive aspect that distinguishes them from the rest. These are often the ones you see in the advances, and the good news is that it is actually fairly easy to include them in the game.

Get artifact equipment at FFI End walker

To get your Artifact Gear, all you need to do is play through the MSC End walker until you reach level 89 and completes a mission entitled A bold decision.

Once this mission is completed, you can go back to Old Charlatan and talk to Varsarudh (X: 11, Y: 9) to buy your device of artifacts. Unlike previous expansions, it is not necessary to get specific jobs to a certain level to be able to buy them; Instead, you can now buy any game you want, regardless of the work you have equipped.

When you buy your artifact equipment, all will be synchronized up to level 89 and your full object level will not be unlocked until you reach level 90. Leveling is automatic, so keep playing until your character reaches 90.

One more thing to keep in mind is that if you want to dye your computer, you must first complete your role missions, all of which can be achieved in RADZ-AT-HAN.

That's all you need to know How to get artifact equipment at FFI End walker. Make sure you search for artifact equipment to get more advice and information about the game.

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