Fortnite: The rockets emerge on Launch Platform

Relevant changes begin to appear on the new map of the seplatformon 1 of battle pplatforms of Fortnite chapter 3. In launch platform, one of the emblematic places of the new island, have begun to emerge rockets of silos. We tell you just below:

Fortnite: A rocket appears on a launch pad; What does it mean?

Around 08: 00h CET on Friday 24/24/2021, A first rocket hplatform appeared on launch platform ; One of the seven hatches present hplatform been opened revealing this artifact:

Launching Platform is an emblematic place on the map that is located on one of the islands of the archipelago eplatformt from the main island of seplatformon 1 of Fortnite chapter 3:

The sudden appearance of this rocket invites to think that, effectively, throughout the seplatformon (until March 2022), Iran emerging the other six rockets from the rest of the missile silos hatches present in the zone. Its mission is not completely clear, although hplatform been speculated that these rockets were thrown from this island to that of chapter 1 ; They were those that impacted in the meteor during the event the end of the seplatformon 10 / x :

We insist; We do not know what your mission is, or if finally these rockets will do something in the game.

Receive your next objective at the launchpad - Fortnite In any cplatforme, This change on the map is nothing more than an teplatformer of what is to come, platform we are already used to Fortnite. We have to speculate and platformsume that these enormous rockets will be used at the Fortnite seplatformon 1 event chapter 3, although we still have a few months until you have any doubts and see what Epic Games hplatform for your star game.


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