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HSV: Does the Fall Jatta waves the 2nd Bundesliga?

Bakery Jatta - Worth It ᴴᴰ The Hamburger SV is due to the charging against Bakery Jetta in the Zwickmühle. Should the football second division continue to use the wing sprayer or to place the tribune for the time being due to the uncertain legal situation?

Because there is a condemnation of the gambler, which, in the view of the Hamburg prosecutor's office, only to receive a residence permit due to a false identity, can be complicated. Games could be shot after protests, the table would then shoot through.

The German Football League (DFL) would have to accept Jetta at a conviction the player license. In the case of stalls that the professional never had a license. He would then have not been used by HSV, said Lawyer Benjamin Keck from the Cologne law firm Sellers.

The opposition period against defeats or draw in games against the HSV with Jetta is two days. Only with game manipulations or the use of doped players, according to the game order of the DFL the two-day period does not apply in the form. Protests can already be filed as a precautionary basis.

Whether objections are entitled, will decide if the district court Alton allows the charges and to be convicted of Jetta in the further course. Then the DFL would need to convert the winning games of the competitors that have protested into a 0: 2 against HSV.

But since the procedure will take a long time, DFL and the German Football Covenant sit in the Redouble. How should a past season be corrected with rising grades and descriptors when the new season is already running? There was no precedent for that.

Jetta counts at the HSV for the regular personnel

It is possible that the HSV with each coming opponent encounters an agreement in the form that it dispenses with a protest against a Jetta insert. Whether the rivals play, but is uncertain.

The alternative: The HSV renounces the Gambler. But this would hardly be right to coach Tim Walter. The 23-year-old Jetta, who, according to the prosecutor Bakery Differ, and be 26 years old, has completed all 16 games this season and belongs to the supports of the Hamburg offensive. With his speed on the outer car, he manages to come like hardly anyone else to come behind the aggresses of the opposing team and bringing the ball in front of the goal.

Against Jetta, who is neither known as foul players in the league, other resentments of the competitors has come across, potential protests will not be directed.

But on solidarity with him and the HSV, the Reinstates should not hope. When it comes to placements, TV money, ascent or descent, the charity listens in the hard football business. Football is so commercialized that a managing director can not make the decision completely free, said Keck, which specializes in the footballs industry as a specialist lawyer.

Does the HSV Watts trigger contract?

To protect Jetta, the following scenario would be conceivable: a resolution of his contract at HSV. Jetta could go abroad in this case and continue his career there. His contract in Hamburg runs until summer 2024.

In the case of a possible conviction of Watts, after adult criminal law, a prison sentence would be a conceivable debt against the residence law.

In youth criminal law, however, the prevention idea is in the foreground, said Keck. Therefore, it was probably going to a juicy fine out. If it turns out that Jetta was not as stated 17, but 20 years old when applying for a residence permit in Germany, it is considered an adolescent up to 21 years — still a case for the youth judge. This is the decision on the application of youth or adult penalty law.


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