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Mages of Mystralia is the new free game of Epic Games Store: Available for 24 hours

Epic Games, Inc. is a software program company based in Raleigh in the United States state of North Carolina. The business has been functioning as a designer of computer system as well as video games considering that 1991 and also developed themselves with games such as the Unreal as well as Gears-of-War series, as well as the Battle-Royale shooter Fortnite. Because of the licensing as well as further development of the in-house Unreal Engine, an advancement software application for computer system games, Epic Games today is one of the leading providers in the area of game engines. On top of that, the company runs the Net circulation platform Epic Games Store.

Magic takes over by Epic Games Store over the next 24 hours. The US commerce has updated its cover inviting users to download Mages of Australia, a video game of action, adventure and fantasy released in 2017.

Mages of Australia takes the control witness and invites us to meet Via, a young girl who discovers that she has been born with an innate sense of magic. As such, she will have to use her talent to face dangerous creatures and great chiefs, as well as Puzzles that confuse even the wisest of the elderly scholars. Design spells to fight against enemies, resolves riddles through the scenarios and combat against Epic Bosses, they sell their authors in the store.

The development of Boreal Games is ideal for all those who like to immerse themselves in colorful fantasy worlds with some challenge and a careful soundtrack behind, and although their name maybe it does not sound like the previous gifts of Epic Games Store, Mages of Australia has favorable reviews between platform users such as Steam, where currently is sold at 19.99 euros.

Mages Of Mystralia: IS FREE TODAY! Only On The Epic Games Store (December 27th 2021)

Once this promotion passes, there will be three other free video games to know within the Epic Games Store Christmas Offers. During this time the platform has allowed users to add to their libraries video games highly recommended as Vamp yr, Prey or the aforementioned control. For tomorrow, Moving Out is expected to be enabled, although it is not official.


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