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Mobile version alien isolation Development started with Japanese correspondence!

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It is Alien: Isolation ( alien isolation ), which has been released and highly rated for PC / console as SF survival horror based on the movie Alien, but this work Mobile version was delivered.

Alien: Isolation will be an Amanda, an Ellen Ripley's daughter of the movie, and clears the mystery hidden in her mother's disappearance while being chased by the unknown threat in the Space Station Se vast Pole. Mobile versions are shipped with all seven LCS and feature customizable touch screens and game pads.

???? Let's Play Alien Isolation! | Survival Horror Game (Xbox One) | Part 1 Mobile version alien isolation corresponding to Japanese is being delivered for iOS / Android. It was an ugly era that you can enjoy that high quality visual even with mobile. Limited Logical G Logitech G Gaming Headset G433BK ~ ~ ¥7,619 ~ → ¥6,490



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