NBA voting: Which of the current stars can most likely Stephen Curry's threesome

Stephen Curry is the new king of the three-point throws! But how long does the record of the Warriors star last? We want to know that of the current NBA stars can bake mostly Curry's best value — or if that will make someone ever.

Charles Says Stephen Curry's New 3-Point Record Will NEVER Be Broken | NBA on TNT The time has come: Stephen curry is finally pulled past Ray against the New York Knicks at Knicks for the New York Knicks and has joined the all-time threesome list with 5 successful spacers.

The 33-year-old will remove his lead before the competition in the coming years. The Splash Brother could even set up a record for eternity. Or?

We want to know your opinion. Which of the current NBA stars has the stuff to crack Curry's record? Does anyone do that? For the app users, this is the voting here!

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