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Will FC Bayern go a bank pressure?

Last but not least due to some injury problems, Marc Rock has since its change to FC Bayern in October 2020 rather a Tribes existence in Munich. In 2021/22 the Spaniard was only allowed to participate only 23 mutual matches. Nevertheless, an absolute top club should have thrown an eye on the midfielder.

Diego Simeone, who is just as charismatic as successful coach of the Spanish Football Giant Atlético Madrid, should have identified the perfect complement to its midfield headquarters in Marc Rock. This reports Don Salon. Accordingly, Someone plans to lure Rock already in the upcoming winter transfer period to Madrid.

Something surprisingly, however, the claim of the Spanish portal is quiet. With Rodrigo de Paul, Héctor Herrera, Geoffrey Rondônia, Marcos Florence and Captain Joke, the midfield center at Rojiblancos is actually quite lush and prominently, the desire for new stars should still be very large.

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According to the report, Atlético is to work independently of the Personalism Marc Rock to take the then released Marcelo Robotic from Inter Milan in the coming summer, as a quick remedy, Rock should already come.

Rock does not exclude farewell to Bavaria anymore

The fact that Rock on the Sabine Strafe plays a role in Madrid should be consciously disregarded in the considerations. Rather, the 25-year-old's skills will be sized at the benefits with which he kicked up between 2016 and 2020 at Español Barcelona in the notebooks of some top clubs.

Rock completed over 100 league games for Español (3 goals / 4 templates) and already proved that he has the class to insist in Primer Division.

It remains that Bavaria will let the former Spanish U21 national player. The Treaty of Rock ends only in the summer of 2025. The player himself expressed Radio March last, he still feels very well in Munich and never thought to cancel his tents, but in the end come a time, in who want to play all players. I do not know what will happen in January or summer.


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