"Blizzard to Titanic, who breaks down now"

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The GAMER service has talked to several ACTIVISION-Blizzard employees who have passed from the company in 2019 or 2020. So still in the time before the AFER and the famous claim law, who exposed the worst possible practices in Posts.

It is worth adding, however, that all the conversations cooperated later with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing in California, which in the end of the end led to the above-mentioned lawsuit.

Here are some of the most important fragments from their statements:


After mass relief in 2019, many other people voluntarily left the company. It was a clear signal to leave, and I'm glad I did it.

Blizzard to Titanic. The company heads towards the iceberg and breaks it soon.

It was simply impossible to failure inappropriate behavior in the company over recent years.

Instead of a professional environment, Blizzard became a dysfunctional family. There were no limits in it, and bad behavior was treated as normal.

In the office and outside him, I encountered inappropriate comments about my appearance. There were also unexpected, uninvited massages of arms.

During cooperation with the largest Szychami in the company, I was warned by other women: Watch out for this person if you start drinking, Do not go anywhere, where this person invites you etc.

At company parties, people began to remove clothes and enter the pool. Another event turned out to be a swingers event...

We also took a voice on creative decisions, such as figures with excessive sexuality. When we criticized such decisions, our quotes were falling, and we were then overlooked in promotions and other benefits.

I was also particularly affected by the addictive culture of Blizzard drinking, which created an environment in which the evil men and women (but mainly men) could behave as they wanted. HR staff got stuck with them, so everything turned over and over again. Then I also lost confidence in Human Resources.

Problems that have led me and other employees to leave Blizzard, began a long time ago, but the criminal point was Blazon 2018, which included the infamous Diablo Immortal announcement. It is said that Blazon was demoralizing, and the feeling that Blizzard was a nice company dealing with games, in which everyone was a family, it started to break.

What's less hurt, these are words of disbelief from former cooperators and company leaders. It is hard to believe that he and others did not know at least some of the biggest criminals who set up standards of behavior.

I thought that the entire video game industry looks like Blizzard. However, no. I was amazed at how else this is the environment. Honestly, I do not see anyone who now does 90% of what was happening in Blizzard.

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