Formerly BVB: Ousmane Dembélé waves millions of damages

The former BVB-Star Humane Dembélé is located in the Clinch with its current club, FC Barcelona. As so often, in addition to the athletic aspect, especially the financial. Now the currently credited offensive man could wave a lot of money.

In the last few days, the Off cooked between Humane Dembélé and the FC Barcelona continues to grow up. Most recently, the 24-year-old was taken into account after disagreements about a possible contract extension (including salary) or a fast winter farewell twice not for the squad of coach Xavi. Well possible that this attitude of the Barça officers has now follow.

As the kicker reports, the player union AFE Dembélé in the Cause has strengthened his back. A contract extension must be voluntary, one must not put the player under pressure, the AFE logged. Because Xavi and the Barça bosses just did this in the former BVB professional, the club could now get into Redouble.

According to the statements of BVB-Star Ousmanes director Mate Ale many ( Dembélé has to leave the club now ), Xavi had emphasized among other things: Either he extended his contract or he has to look for a new club.

The coach could use the services of the offensive outer railway player. The squad is extremely thin, wing player ANSI Fate must probably be operated again and thus takes several months. Dembélé could certainly help his skills, but may not play at the moment.


So much money waves ex-bvb-star Dembélé

If the case proceeds in court, because the FC Barcelona Dembélé can not escape groundlessly, the Catalans threatens a damage in millions, according to the report. There are therefore two monthly salaries for each contract year. Since Dembélé has been playing for Barça since 2017, that would be almost a complete further annual salary for the former Dortmund, which is expected to earn ten million euros a year at five years.

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While players such as Gerard Piqué, Sergio Banquets and Jordi Alba last accepted a salary offset to free funds, Dembélé was finally on stubborn. I will not be blackmailed. I'm fully motivated and get to the club, he let it say. The fact that Barça committed Terran Torres for 55 million euros, should have confirmed him in his attitude.


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