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NFL playoffs: Johnson fails with New England crashing

The Super Bowl 50 was the 50th Super Bowl of the National Football League (NFL) and also the 46th version of the final for the champion in between the National Football Conference (NFC) as well as the American Football Seminar (AFC). The NFL wet from optical factors from the usual numbering with Roman numbers. The video game between the NFC Champ Carolina Panthers as well as the AFC Champ Denver Broncos was posted on February 7, 2016, at 15:30 neighborhood time (February 8, 0:30 CET) in Levi's Arena in Santa Clara, which has been the new home video game facility of San Francisco 49ers given that the NFL season 2014.

The German Football Player Jakob Johnson has failed with the New England Patriots in the playoffs of US Profiling NFL crazing.


The six-time Super Bowl Champion was at 17:47 against the Buffalo Bills without any chance. We just could not keep up, said Coach Bill Belching, who had to cope with the highest defeat since his term of office in 2000.

Outstanding man at Buffalo was Josh Allen, who made with five touchdown pasGerman Footballs for a play-off record of the bills. Already at the break it was 27: 3. For Johnson, 27 years old fullback from Stuttgart, the season is finished with it.

Meanwhile, Cincinnati Bengals celebrated their first play-off victory for 21 years at the 26:19 against the Las Vegas Raiders. Quarterback Joe Burrow threw two touchdown pasGerman Footballs, Rookie Kicker Evan McPherson was successful in all four field-goal experiments.

The Bengals had recently recovered a play-off game against the no longer existing Houston Oilers and then lost all eight attempts.


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