1. FC Cologne | Report: Farewell to Timo Horn "Probably"

Timo Horn rose in 2011 from the offspring of the 1st FC Cologne in the professional department of the Effezh and remained faithful to the cathedral city in good and bad times. After more than 320 compulsory matches, however, the time of the Cologne Verygestein at the Geißbockheim seems to be tilted to its end.

Timo Horn also started new coaches Steffen Baumgart as a place in the gate of 1. FC Cologne in the Bundesliga season 2021/22 - then a knee injury braked the 28-year-old.

Especially for the former German U21 National Torwart: Deputy Marvin Schwäbe Use his chance impressive, saved the 1st FC Cologne so some point, left at Baumgart sustainable impression and was promoted to the new number one.

Although weave is now damaged to watch as an infection with the Coronavirus, which Horn can recapture his regular site on Saturday (15:30) against Eintracht Frankfurt, however, seems excluded.

Horn-whale at 1. FC Cologne: Baumgartirt words let's eyes

"I am no one who is constantly turning and turning," Baumgart put on the PK before the game with the situation already confronted. Words that horn is not really courage.

The "picture" therefore brings a say goodbye to the "eternal Cologne". Horn would therefore soon decide if he extend his until summer 2023 contract or seek a new club in the coming summer. The latter is "probably", the newspaper judges.

Horn's claim is to be the number 1. In addition, one may expect that the final person must probably make financially cuts with a contract extension as a substitute. Baumgart seems to be aware that Horn has a serious booth: "Many underestimate what happens in such situations with someone who had a firm place for ten years," said the coach of the Cologne.


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