Dresden coach Schmidt: Super Bowl and Olympia have no chance

No question, the 1: 4 of the Dresdner in the Ostderby against Hansa Rostock stands out in the new year at the previous four games. That was "just bad", gives Schmidt too. But after all, the newcomer also scored according to ordinary services against HSV (1: 1) as well as twice in the foreign numbers in Hanover and Paderborn. Therefore, too, the 53-year-old can play a total of five winless games despite a total of five (before the winter break is still a 0: 3 in Ingolstadt to be booked to book) no "negative run". Already the away point at the SCP after the derby swatter would also have demonstrated the character and mentality of his team, praised Schmidt - and knows the appearance against the cog.

Offensive with air upwards

Joe Burrow Super Bowl Interview: Rams have no chance? #shorts #joeburrow #SuperBowl ???? At the home game against Heidenheim on Friday (6.30 pm, live! At Schmidt) it was necessary to maintain the last defensive stability shown in the Ostwestfalen, the native Augsburger demands. Of course, he is aware of the fact that is offensive with currently only 22 achieved gates of air, "we work on it." Among other things. The coach, who can build against the FCH again on the last yellow-banned Christoph Daferner (best scorer with nine hits), focuses "full and completely" on dynamo. As a sports enthusiast, Schmidt can not be seen from current major events such as the Super-Bowl or Olympia.

Because it is between 12th place on which the Saxons are currently standing with 25 collected points, and 16 (Düsseldorf, 23) is very tight, Schmidt believes in a "nerve game" to the end.

The nerves calm down the sixth home success and the first victory since the winter break - then the talk of a negative run would have an end.


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