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From 2023/24: 3. League before abolishing the Monday games

Since the season 2018/19, the clubs of the single-track 3rd league carry their lots on Monday evening. Now it could only come back to your abolition four years after the introduction of the Monday games. For the season 2021/22, the dates had already been deleted on Monday evening in the Bundesliga and the 2nd league. Fans protest for years against the unloved exposure date.

"On the basis of the position from the manager meeting and the expression of the opinion obtained in addition, the Committee 3. League intends to discuss the topic in its next meeting on 16 February," said the DFB. "Subsequently, the body will pronounce an official recommendation for packet design to DFB GmbH & Co. KG, which is responsible for the tendering of the media rights."

Eleven clubs against Monday games, seven for it, but under conditions

Still in the coming season 2022/23 but is played under floodlight on Monday evening. The seasons are also related to the upcoming negotiations for a new media contract, which should apply from the next season 2023/24. The assignment of TV transmission and streaming rights takes place for four years.

Currently, Magenta Sport transfers all 380 games of the 3rd league per season, 86 encounters are also visible in the ARD or third programs. Without the Monday date, which is popular with the TV channels - unlike the fans - extremely popular, the negotiations could be more complicated.

According to DFB data, two abstentions voted eleven clubs against the continuation of Monday games in the 3rd league over the 2022/23 season. Seven of the 20 third divisions voted in principle for retention - but associated with certain conditions.

Is the right packet advertised in two variants?

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One quartet will continue to call for a balanced distribution among all clubs and the consideration of the kilometer distance between the affected teams. The three others of the seven proponents make their vote dependent according to DFB "explicitly dependent on the financial offers under the TV contract" and stimulated a tendering package in two variants - with and without Monday games. The tender starts at the earliest in April.

To the twelve-bodied committee 3. League, where the ball is now, are besides the chairman Tom Eilers (SV Darmstadt 98) five club representatives from the 3rd league, four DFB and two DFL representatives. "Our desire was to set a new scale in football in the form and scope of participation. The aim is the greatest possible transparency, the consideration of all relevant perspectives and a maximum-based decision-making basis," says Eilers. "We will now be intensively dealing with the opinion in the committee and derive the order for DFB GmbH & Co. KG as the future matchday format in the 3rd league should be made."


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