Gladbach's bright spot has "anyone scared"

Not only by his extravagant hairstyle Manu Koné takes up at the Bundesliga club Borussia Mönchengladbach, also his pronounced self-confidence distinguishes the 20-year-old football professional.

Borussia M - Borussia D. BL-1977/78 (12-0) Despite the weak performance of the Gladbacher, Koné is considered a Manuy bright spot with some playful highlights. "I'm still young, that's right. But I'm still scared of nothing and anyone," said the midfielder with the green dreadlocks in the interview with "Manu1" and delivered the justification right behind. "I'm from a suburb of Paris, there is no fear anyway."

This self-confidence regularly shows Koné on the square. "I feel no pressure, even if two or three oppersors come to me. So it was already on the street when I have kicked on asphalt with my buddies. That's my big strength," the 20-year-old explained.

Last summer Koné moved from FC Toulouse to the Bundesliga. The Gladbacher had already intensively prosecuted his Manuing development since his youth. "Gladbach wanted me to have me and at some point I could not say no more," Koné said, who has a contract with the Borussia by 2025 at a market value of around 15 million.


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