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All chapters of Dead by Daylight, ranked

Dead by Daylight dominates the genre of asymmetric games from the moment of his debut in 2016. Since then, many chapters have been released, in which new killers who survived and cards have been added. But how do they fold against each other?

Best Chapters Dead By Daylight

1. Chapter Silent Hill

The top of the chapters decorated the players by the executioner (pyramido-head), Cheryl Mason and the Men's elementary school card.

2. Chapter "Resident Evil"

One of the most exciting discoveries was that Resident Evil will appear in the painful world of DEAD by Daylight. Nemends, Leon S. Kennedy / Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine / Claire Redfield and RPD Station RPD are included in this meaningful chapter.

3. Halloween chapter

Form (Michael Myers) is perhaps one of the most popular killers in Dead by Daylight. Lori Straud and Hadonfield map joined him.

4. Head "Pila"

The chapter "Pila" was added another popular killer (for considerations of boasting). Pig, David TEPP and Gideon Meat Processing Plant turned out to be in the fog.

five. Chapter "Very weird business"

Unfortunately, the head of "very strange things" is no longer available, it was an incredibly popular collaboration for asymmetric horror. Steve Harrington, Nancy Wheeler, Demogorgon and the National Hawking Laboratory were added for too short time.

6. Chains of Hate Chapter

Hate chains moved dead by daylight to Wild West. The invariably popular fader suffered the surviving Zarin Coussier and his refuge, the Salon of the Dead Psa, in the fog.

7. Head "Crew Curtain"

Favorite ptb killer, clown, made his terrifying debut in Curtain Call. No less popular Kate Denson joined him. Unfortunately for Kate, her last moments in the chapel of Campbell will be played forever.

All 20 Chapters Ranked Worst to Best (Dead by Daylight Tier List)

8. Lullaby to the dark chapter

One of the most popular killers of DEAD by Daylight, the hunter, easily began to pursue the fog in this chapter. David King's survivors also made his debut when they were playing hide and seek on the map "Red Forest: Mother Residence."

nine. Darkness among us chapter

In this chapter, Legion, four cruel teenagers and the surviving Jeff Johansen moved their refuge in the resort of Mount Ormand in Dead by Daylight. A unique card, a very popular killer and another survival: what doesn't like?

10. Head of related links

Gemini - one of the most unique killers adorning Dead by Daylight. The new survival, Eldo Rakoto, joined a terrible couple in the fog.

eleven. Spark Madness Chapter

The manic killer with a tendency to bring humor to hunting, the doctor - an explosive killer, capable of providing real pressure on the survivors. It is joined by Feng Min, perhaps the most popular surviving in Dead by Daylight. This duet brought Lerry Memorial Institute, an amazingly unique map, in fog.

12. Chapter "Raising from hell"

We opened the box, and he came. Pinhead caused all sorts of discomfort and excitement to its inclusion.

13. Head of the ascent of Sadako

Despite the fact that Onryo is a new killer, he conquered the hearts of the players everywhere. In this terrifying chapter, the surviving Joichi Asakawa joins it.

fourteen. Chapter "Sealing Pedigree"

Love her or hate it, the Spirit is one of the most controversial killers in the game. In the hands of a novice she is ridiculous. In the hands of a professional she is terrible. He is joined by the surviving Adam Francis, when they smother together on the family residence map.

15. Head of Cursed Heritage

They are one of the most terrible killers in Dead by Daylight due to their impressive appearance and leaning to scream. The fashionista Yui Kimura turns out to be on the map the sanctuary of anger along with other unfortunate in the fog.

16. Head "Last Sigh"

Like the spirit, the horror level of the nurse directly depends on the level of the player's skills. She is either terrible or frightening; No intermediate. Nea, another popular choice of survivors, sprinkle on the shelter's map.

17. Portrait of the chapter of the murder

John Vasquez survived, inspired by Ham Fiuri, sewers the artist on the map "Nest of Voronov". Who is a real victim in this? The jury is not yet.

eighteen. A Nightmare on Elm Street

Another iconic killer joins the Dead by Daylight list. But, unfortunately, Freddie Kruger was and remains dim. Warrior Dreams Quentin Smith leads survivors through the map of the pre-school institution Badham, trying to avoid a dreamy killer.

19. All-General Chapter

Unlike the rest of the series, Trixter and its producer of Yun-Jean Li contributes in the gloomy setting Dead by Daylight Several bright colors.

twenty. The death of a faithful Order

In the chapter, where the survivors turned out to be a more beloved fan than the killer, Jane Romero brought the plague and the temple of cleansing dead in daylight.

21. Go down to chapter

Descend Beyond led to the fog of a unique killer and an extremely beautiful surviving. Spruce masterfully mixes chemistry and horror. Felix Richter was an architect of his own death, as he was looking for answers that it is better to leave unknown.

22. Head of flesh and dirt

The two most dull additions to the game were witch and ace of Wisconti. Add a terrible card, such as backwater swamp, and this chapter is best forgotten. ### 23. Hour witches Head Chapter, consisting of a single surviving, which polarized the community thanks to its privileges? Hour of the Witch and Mikaela landed face to face with the community. To learn more about Dead by Daylight, see Dead By Daylight Codes (March 2022) - free DBD blood glasses! in professional guidelines for the game.


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