Because of Belarus exclusion: DHB team meets in WM-Play

VIDEO: Ukraine-Russia delegations to meet for talks Monday The decision was confirmed by the European Handball Association EHF on Tuesday again the "Mannheim tomorrow". Originally, the German team of national coach Alfred Gislason should have meeting the winner of Belarus's victor against the Faroe Islands. But after the Russian raid on Ukraine, the Belarusian national team was excluded from the competition as the Russian and the two encounters with 10: 0 for the Faroe Islands. The DHB selection goes as a clear favorite into the duels against the archipelago in the North Atlantic, the ticket for the World Cup in January 2023 in Poland and Sweden should be a formality. Next measure of the German handball players is a course in the coming week with two international matches against Hungary (19 and 20 March) in January. The course for the World Cup play-offs is expected to begin on April 11th. Also read: Wiencek ends DHB career - Gislason finds the "Extremely pity


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