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Bobic: "I thought today comes down a comet"

"I'm sure Felix Magath is Topfit to look at and take the game, with the digital possibilities that exist today," Hertha Managing Director Fredi Bobic announced in the matchday press conference on Friday afternoon. "He'll be in contact with his coaching team all the time. He will be on air, talk to the players about phone and deal with Mark."

Magath was presented on Monday as a new head coach of Hertha BSC and have been positively tested on Thursday on the coronavirus. He had already missed training on Thursday afternoon. "Today it is also good for the circumstances good," says Bobic. "A little reaction on the second day is always there." Magath will be represented on Saturday in the Olympic Stadium on the line of his co-trainer Mark Fotheringham.

Fotheringham: "I am convinced that we create that"

The 38-year-old Scot, who already gained experience in Germany as a player (Freiburg) and co-coach (Karlsruhe, Ingolstadt), was satisfied on Friday with the first training days in Berlin: "Our goal was to make everything with higher intensity, There were good units. " The professionals were "light awake", "important is that we bring the performance on Saturday". Bobic also found the players under the new coaching team "very artist, very attentive".

It is important to "show this emotionality also in the game" after "the last home game (1: 4 against Frankfurt, d. Red.) Created completely in the wrong direction." The Hertha squad underwear Magath and Foteringham a lightning analysis, the first judgment of the co-trainer sounded confident: "We have a good mix of experienced and young players. I am convinced that we can do it."

In a season that is peppered with the league of league with sporty and human beings, Magaths Corona Disease is the next chapter. "Felix has called me very quickly when he had suspected," Bobic said. "I thought, he's a joke. I know his joke. But it was not a joke, it was serious." According to a Corona Wave in early January, Vorm League Game against RB Leipzig (1: 6) had logged off eight professionals and seven staff members for Corona in February. Shortly thereafter, Stammkeeper Alexander Schwolow was ill.

I really had the feeling: Do you want Corona, come to Berlin.

Fredi Bobic

Bobic said on Friday in a touch of fatalism: "I'm glad the office stands. I thought, today a comet comes down and that will take exactly the office. It's already so that we're taking a lot." The Thursday was "a long day", "I really had the feeling: Do you want Corona, come to Berlin."

Now the managing director hopes for a defiance effect: "There are situations that are resistors that you have to break - which can also let up close together. This will also be our goal. That no one beats, but all say, Come on - now right now. " Foteringham, so much is after its first days in Berlin, this attitude lives. As a player, he was trained - child of a workers' family - at Celtic Glasgow, under Magath he played in 2014 at FC Fulham in the English Championship. At that time, he met Magath's training content meticulously.

Barf - I'm a Mog The desire to become trainer matured early. Now Foteringham arrived on the big stage, at least on Saturday a lot to turn around him. Nevertheless, nervousness will not affect him: "Why should I be nervous? My life is my life. I worked properly for this chance. But it's not about what I do. It's about what the guys do in the place."

The right mix of tension and relaxation the Scot also wants to convey the players: "We know how important it is for the whole club. But it is important that the boys stay loose. It is not a war here, we play football."


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