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Genshin Impact - Divine Creation: How to complete the event and get all the rewards

GENSHIN IMPACT will soon enter the second phase of your 2.5 update to offer us new events during the month of March. However, before the transition we can enjoy a new game mode. It is about Divine Creation , a very interesting way that will begin by helping the adventurer guild to overcome a dungeon near Liyue and allow us to carry out our own challenges to test other travelers from the community.

Divine creation: requirements and duration

The Divine Creation event will allow us to create our own domains and overcome the dungeons made by the community. They will not be areas intended for combat, if not obstacle careers we will have different elements at our disposal. Some of them have already met them in previous events such as snow shadows and dust, which took place in update 2.3. It should be noted that it is now available and will remain active in the game until next March 22 at 3:59 Spanish peninsular time .

The requirements are as follows:

  • Adventure rank 28 or higher
  • Have completed the Mission of the Archon Chapter I, Act III: a new rising star.

Divine Ingenuity Parkour Complete Event Guide FREE 420 PRIMOGEMS! SPEEDRUN MAP! Genshin Impact

Details and Divine Creation Operation

To begin the event we will have five dungeons created by the developers that we will have to go surpassing. In them we will find all kinds of obstacles and slopes that we must overcome while we got chips . There will be different mechanisms in the game that can help us or be more complicated. Platforms that disappear, aid to earn height or wind rings that coexist with traps that can make us lose time or life and activate each seconds.

In addition to this, there are different aids in the form of blessings that offer us different bonuses...

  • Blessing of Robustez: increases the endurance
  • Pasual blessing: increases the speed of movement
  • Jump blessing: increases jumping ability

Super Genshin Maker: Best of Divine Creation

When completing the main mission, we can unlock custom domains. In them we can challenge the creations of other travelers, having to overcome the maps created by our friends or those who have received good opinions from the community. Of course, We will also have the opportunity to create them ourselves to share them with other players. In total, we can have up to five dungeons shared with the community, but to do so we must have been able to successfully face our own challenge.

Create levels will not be too complicated if we are imaginative. The interface is very similar to that of relaxaterra . Everything will depend on how skill we are at the time of placing each of the blocks and putting traps. A question of imagination in which we can lose a lot of hours.


As usual, we will have different types of rewards available in the game. Protogems, hero mills, talent improvement materials, mystical refinement minerals and blackberries will be the strong dishes.


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