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Nine S-Pedelecs in the test

Gasoline and diesel reach prices on record levels, for the change to an electric car does not always feel ready yet, and at all, the inner-city stop-and-go stress is nothing that you like to expose yourself.

Alternative to the car

As an alternative to the car, pendants are offered a S-Pedelec, with which you quickly approach, without then - sweatbatches - must be under the shower. E-Bike, Pedelec, S-Pedelec - Where is the difference? If you take it exactly, e-bikes are actually motorcycles that drive at the push of a button even if you do not kick into the pedals. This is required, on the other hand, in the common pedelecs whose nurducous power may not exceed 250 watts and present the maximum of 25 km / h with pedal support. S-Pedelecs in turn is a steering time of up to 4000 watts allowed, only at 45 km / h the engine turns off.

Popular in Switzerland

In Switzerland, S-Pedelecs enjoy a significantly higher popularity than us. Around 2020, 25,400 copies have been sold in the land of the Eidgenzen, the two-wheeler Industrie Association (ZIV) reported only the number 9800. The discrepancy is explained by the legal framework conditions that are significantly generous in Switzerland than in this country. More on that later.

Overview: The most important data of the test candidates. TCS, ADAC

It was also the Touring Club Switzerland (TCS), a partner club of the ADAC, which has now undergone nine S-Pedelecs a test. Three of them - BIXS E-Citybike, Tour de Suisse Broadway 45 and Ibex Ecomfort Neo + - are not available in Germany. A real weakness that had led "not recommended" for the devaluation, none of the subjects. Eight times the predicate "highly recommended", once "recommended".

"Highly recommended": Giant and Müller Charger 3. ADAC

As a test winner, the testers identified the Giant & Müller Charger3 Mix. Touring HS 2022. Praise harvested here the good equipment, the high ride comfort, the good brakes and very good lighting including remote and brake light. The red lantern got the Klever X-Speed Swiss, which had the highest battery capacity with 850 WH. Demerted here weaknesses in the engine support, also the fact that the brakes can not keep up with those of the remaining field and that the battery can only be laborious. Nevertheless, it was "recommended" for the evaluation.

EBIKE NEUHEITEN 2022 - Die besten Highlights im Pedelec Bereich

"Recommended": Klever X-Speed Swiss. Adac

The TCS was not satisfied with the range of the S-Pedelecs checked, which moved depending on the model between 38 and 54 kilometers. For longer commuter damps or excursions, it can be difficult to get to the destination without charging.

License plate, helmet light, bike path ban

The ADAC recommends as an alternative to staying in the usual pedelec. First, the cheaper price - the spectrum of speed test candidates was enough from 4199 euros (Cube Kathmandu 45 625 When, Flyer Upstreet 5 7.10 HS) up to 7090 euros (Stromer ST3). Second, 25 km / h are completely sufficient at city traffic. And thirdly, this is clearly easier, as simple pedelecs in Germany are treated legally like normal bikes. In the case of the S-Pedelecs, however, it should be remembered that they are not allowed to be moved on cycling and that it is forbidden to carry a trailer for children. In addition, such a speed bike requires a liability insurance including insurance mark; The driver or the driver must - if born from April 1965 - can be the driver's license and be at least 15 years old. As with the car, a celebrity limit of 0.5 applies. In addition, helmet duty is - whereby the potentially life-saving head protection in the saddle is urgently advisable to any bicycle.


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