World Cup in Qatar: Human Rights Watch practices criticism of FIFA

The human rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) makes the Football World Association FIFA co-responsible for human rights violations in the World Cup host country Qatar.

Instead of pushing the authorities for action, the FIFA Katars "complacency" was covered, criticized HRW. The association has the obligation to make reparation for the co-assessed grievances, but this responsibility should not be complied with so far.

The Katacular Government threw the organization not to implement reforms. Work migrants in Qatar built stadiums and other infrastructure so that the World Cup could be held. But they would still be exploited everyday of employers through the sponsorship system in Qatar. In addition, wage theft, debt bondage due to high recruitment fees as well as injuries and diseases, for example due to work in sensitive heat.

"The worst thing is that thousands of workers have died in Qatar over the past ten years," HRW continued. According to the newspaper "Guardian" has died more than 6,500 workers from Southeast Asia since the World Cup allocation in 2010. Katart's government argues that the sterbar resources lounger in view of more than 1.4 million people from the region in the country in the expected area.

Calls to WM-Boykott were always louder

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The Emirate also rejects the other allegations again and again and introduces reforms in favor of work migrants. So the sponsorship system had been reduced. This system spread even in other countries of the region binds foreign workers firmly to a domestic voucher as an employer. In Qatar, migrants can now leave by law without the consent of their employer or change the job. In addition, the country set a minimum wage. The UN work organization ILO spoke of a "historical step".

The Football World Cup begins on November 21st and goes until 18 December. Next Friday, the groups will be drawn for the tournament. In response to human rights violations, recalls after a boycott had become loud in recent months.


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