, Partnership with IAB Tech Lab ... Establishment of Mobile Advertising Ecosystem Trust Criteria

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Signed partnership with IAB Tech Lab, and support advertisers to identify fake mobile inventory

\ -, "The official digital seller for apps", which is approved for an approved inventory seller, contributing to transparency and reliability promotion in mobile advertising ecosystems

The industry's most trusted data and analytical platform (former App Annie) announced that global digital advertising technology standardized group IAB Tech Lab and partnership.

This partnership is one of the digital advertising industry transparency initiatives in IAB, to identify the advertiser to identify fake inventory (fake advertisement), and to purchase inventory through mobile advertising inventory sellers and resellers Support.

Fake Inventory is now being highlighted in the current advertising industry. It prevents fake inventory from being sold, and that the buyer can identify the fake inventory, it is directly linked to transparency of the digital advertising industry and prevention of negative act.

IAB Tech Lab and are actively involved in creating an environment where advertising buyers and sellers can make safe transactions on mobile.

As part of this partnership, will share data on the IAB Tech Lab for the inventory seller identified as approved, and advertisers utilize the list of "App official digital seller" in IAB, purchasing and publishing certified mobile ads You can be able to do it.

In addition, the marketing budget, which has been wasted to fake inventory, will be able to reach the advertisement target layer more effectively by spending on the real inventory.'s best product director Ketash Rao is a "IAB Tech Lab to engage in partnership with the IAB Tech Lab to establish a trust criteria for the mobile ad ecosystem. Through this partnership, will see that is showing an example in the transparency and reliability of alternative data space. "

The IAB Tech Lab product executive Shally Singh is proud to have a partnership with the standard in the mobile industry. Through collaboration with Data.Ai, the "Official Digital Seller" list is expanded to a dynamic app economic zone in the display area, and expects to improve transparency in the mobile market. "


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