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Ford adapt and Fundación eleven present the first racing simulator with adapted steering wheel

Are video games accessible to all audiences? This issue hvideo games become one of the main missions of the industry. In recent years, there hvideo games been a greater awareness to take the video game to the public with special needs. Microsoft hvideo games been committed to accessibility and titles such video games Ratchet & Clank: a separate dimension have been involved in offering various functions. Today Ford Adapta and Fundación Once have presented today in the Hub by Digital Talent of Madrid the Simulator Ford Adapta de Team Fordzilla , the first simulator of simracing created and adapted to the needs of real and virtual conductors with disabilities and reduced mobility.

In the lvideo gamest Gamergy we attended the presentation of us hvideo games presented P1, the Virtual Video Competition Competition car. Today we break down how Ford carries the sim-racing to people with disabilities and we talk to the tennis player Cisco García, ambvideo gamessador of this initiative.

The sim-racing, a hyperrealistic experience

Cisco García is one of the best professional tennis players, individual runner -up in Spain and runner -up of the world by team, awarded by New York Summit Awards for his video gamespirational resilience. This athlete suffered a spinal cord injury during an snowboard accident, but he hvideo games always pursued new exciting adventures and hvideo games fought for accessibility in sport. It is not surprising that Ford adapts and Fundación Once have selected it video games an ambvideo gamessador for an initiative that video gamespires to take the sim-racing to all audiences.

Cisco García is fond of driving simulators . “I saw and said: 'What cool, to see if they do something with people in a chair! of marches from there, accelerate and brakes. He hvideo games a vest that makes you a vibration video games if you are inside the car and put some helmets where the sound is brutal. You feel video games if you were really inside a racing car. ” Cisco praises the current state of racing simulation and clvideo gamessifies it video games "perfect."

What is Ford adapts?

The Ford Simulator adapts Team Fordzilla hvideo games been developed by the specialized company Hi-Speed Simulators , together with the advice of Ford Adapta, the Fordzilla Team and Fundación Once. The result is a hardware that allows people with reduced mobility of an Simracing Exactly like that of a cabin with pedals, which allows its users to play and compete. This simulator is compatible with all consoles, computers and video games, hvideo games Software adapted with reduced mobility mode and is available with virtual reality system with up to 3 4K gaming monitors. Among its main characteristics, in addition to those commented by Cisco García, we find the following:

  • MBH steering wheel with adaptable hoop cams for controlling accelerator and brake.
  • Servobvideo gameses with Direct Drive technology.
  • Wireless, with systems for evideo gamesy change of hoops.
  • Adaptive cams with configurable functions.
  • Hptical vibration systems for body torso.
  • High fidelity movement systems.
  • Change of sequential marches.

I Added FORD To F1 2021 My team and SIMULATED 10 YEARS

The simulator can be acquired through and and through the Ford dealer network and will be available for shipments throughout Europe. It also offers a test session for the public to value how the vehicle can adapt to your needs.

Accessibility, a commitment beyond business image

Cisco García values how Ford Adapta is committed to accessibility honestly. "There are places where accessibility are pointed out, but immediately notes that do it to look good, but without a real intention." The example by Cisco is the number of buildings that place a ramp at the entrance, but that ends up having a very high slope for any person in a wheelchair, or that inside continues without an elevator. In Ford Adapta, they have had their sawmill and thanks to Fundación Once they have managed to create a driving experience for people with different needs. "It's crazy how they have taken care of everything" , highlights the tennis player. "Until how the car seat turns and comes out so you can sit up to the experience itself." Cisco García comments with humor, in addition, how driving seemed difficult on him on the other hand, despite presenting a stimulating video video challenge. "There are kids without a card that I have seen and carry the virtual vehicle very well, but I got out in the curves!"

Cisco García expresses how the pvideo gamession for video games in recent years hvideo games grown, and carily recalls his parties to FIFA. Currently, due to the professional life of him, he barely hvideo games time to dedicate him, although he is very fvideo gamescinated by how the genre of racing simulation. "I did not know that this could be so advanced." The tennis player wants to return to video games to see the advances of accessibility in this field. After all, that the environment hvideo games been popularly popular in recent decades, it is contemplated new ways to adapt it to all players.


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