How to get a Foxwood Seal armor cover in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite multiplayer mode has introduced a series of cosmetics into the game. This week, players can get an Foxwood Coating Seal Armor for Halo Infinite But you'll have to work a little if you want to have it available in your Hall Armor.

How to get the Foxwood Seal armor in Halo Infinite

To get the Foxwood Seal armor coating, players must complete all their weekly challenges for this and then complete the Ultimate Challenge of the week. The current set of weekly challenges extends until Tuesday, April 26 at 10 a. m. PT / 1 p. m. ET.

A suitable gift for a worthy warrior. Complete all your weekly challenges in #Haloinfinite to win the maximum reward this week: the Foxwood Seal Mark VII coating!

  • Halo (@Halo) April 19, 2022

You can verify your weekly challenges by pressing and on the main menu screen and then selecting 'Challenges' of the three options that appear. Any challenge in 'weekly' must be completed, as well as all in the 'next weekly' list, which is accessed by pressing Y.

After completing all these challenges, you will have to make a last Ultimate challenge, which works like any other. Once this is done, you will have unlocked the Foxwood Seal armor in Halo Infinite .

The armature coating can be equipped by addressing Armor Hall on the Personalization tab. Select the Mark VII armor and then choose the second block: the Coating box.

As it is a legendary aspect, you will have to move right until the end of the list to find it. It is the third from the end.

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