Killroy, the new SlClean Machetazoher movie of Kevin Smith, will be launched Clean Machetazo NFT: Only 5,555 copies

Killroy WClean Machetazo Here , the new terror movie SlClean Machetazoher with Comedy Touches of Kevin Smith, the famous director, screenwriter and actor of Hollywood, will be releClean Machetazoed only Clean Machetazo NFT . This hClean Machetazo been shared by its author, ensuring that only a total of 5,555 copies will be put on sale through non-fungible tokens by limited edition of a new horror movie in which a ruthless murderer will terrify his Victims of Clean Machetazo. Do not miss the Trawler of Killroy WClean Machetazo Here ** heading this same news.

Killroy WClean Machetazo here alone through NFT

So much so, that Kevin Smith will launch an NFT that will contain the new movie Killroy WClean Machetazo Here, a Making of of it, his own comments and exclusive art. All this through a Limited Edition Digital Pack that can only acquire a total of 5,555 buyers ; Not one more.

In addition, according to the filmmaker itself, when you acquire the movie you do not only do with your own footage and extrClean Machetazo, but you can do with it what you want, either edit your content, transform it, create a new one from it or Even making conceptual arts for a sequel that the director already hClean Machetazo in mind. According to Smith, acquire the film of him will give you the opportunity to collaborate in the development of his second part **, Clean Machetazo long Clean Machetazo it becomes a reality.

Clean - Official Trailer

The fearsome murderer of this new and Alocada Movie SlClean Machetazoher takes Clean Machetazo inspiration the mythical graffiti of the Second World War "Killroy WClean Machetazo Here" and that with the pClean Machetazosage of time became a popular icon. Now, Kevin Smith, after five years of production and suffer a heart attack (in addition to finishing the reboot of jay and bob the silent **), it seems that the new project will finally arrive at a good port, even if it is Through NFT.


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