Naldo warns FC Schalke 04 before arrogance

Football second division FC Schalke 04 is in the final spurt around the climbing sites. The former S04 defender Naldo trusts the team of Interim Trainer Mike Büsken's return to the Bundesliga, but warned the royal blue players but also urgent.

Naldo still knows the FC Schalke 04 from its active time in and memorize. Two and a half years were the former central defender for the scarce on the lawn, 2018 he celebrated with the club the vice-championship. Following his career end, he helped his heart club in the bitter descent season for a few months even as a co-trainer.

Looking back, Naldo talks to "Sky" about a "a difficult time on Schalke and a big challenge". He had "Everything tries that Schalke stays in the Bundesliga. But unfortunately we did not do it in the end".

The Brazilian, who also played in the Bundesliga for Werder Bremen and the VfL Wolfsburg, acquainted that he is still closely linked to the area of revier. "All on Schalke know that I love the club and I always press the thumbs that Schalke is very successful again. The current direction in which the club develops is very good."

Borussia Dortmund - FC Schalke 04 4:4 (Ausgleich Naldo) - 25.11.17

Naldo warns Schalke 04 against arrogance attack

The FC Schalke 04 is one of seven clubs that may still be hopes for a rise to the Oberhaus. Naldo mainly relies on S04 interim train Mike Büskens. "Mike has returned to players. He is one who can lead the team back into the track. However, every game is like a final. Now Schalke must be there if you are still losing it now, it will be hard with the climb. "

NEALTO NALDO warned the players of his ex-club: "You may not be arrogant, but you have to go to the square and clear: 'We are Schalke, we are favorite and will show the opponent, which is for a quality in our team', So Schalke must occur. "


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