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Nils Petersen makes prank further glad

Smilking Nils Petersen replied a "33" on demand. The Matchwinner of the SC Freiburg near Eintracht Frankfurt has just been asked by Dazn if he knew how many Jokertore he has already achieved in his Bundesliga career. Equally accurate as he often fell so often according to his objections the answer.

Christian Streich Grifo Petersen Interview Nach Dem Spiel Frankfurt 1 vs 2 Freiburg 10/04/2022 The Breisgauer did not necessarily show her best game in Hesse. "I think we also like to take a point," said the attacker in many ways. He himself spoke of "luck of the efficient" at his 2: 1 eight minutes after the substitution - coach Christian Streich revealed, but what was still behind.

Exercise makes the master, but prank handert as well

"We practiced it several times during the week and worked it," explained the coach. "Great that he did just right," strike added and thanked his competent coaching team for work on standards. Streich was as Freiburg Coach despite his 105th victory - so he set a club record - but not really satisfied. His team had to "play again better in the last games" the season to really stay up in the table.

This is possible, thanks to the "Great Type" Petersen, the prank once again referred to as "exceptionally valuable", and the efficiency of his team on Sunday, which also had "the necessary happiness" according to the 56-year-old. "We were not clearly clear and easy enough, that annoys one, if you discuss it before. You have to hurt Frankfurt, because they had this game on Thursday (1: 1 against Barcelona, anm. D. Red.)", so prank.

We were not clearly clear and simple enough, that annoys one, if you discuss it before.

Christian Streich

For the threesome it was still enough, why Freiburg rested in place 5 and after the winning of competition in the fight for international places also an important success imported. Petersen was pleased that Frankfurt did not move to his sports club. "Also to enlarge the distance on Union and Cologne."

Finally, Freiburg still have "a lot before and a few goals". The two upcoming home games votes Petersen optimistic, "and they were also showing up, that's very normal". The 2: 1 was "gold value" according to Petersen, which also saw 1: 0 scorer Vincenzo Grifo so. The victory is quite happy, "but in the end, Nils came in and did his goal. Today he was back".

Petersen and Freiburg continue to hunger for more, the insured Grifo. Best of Saturday against VfL Bochum (15.30, live! At Petersen).


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