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VfL Bochum vs. FC Augsburg: Bundesliga today in the live ticker

The first Sunday section of the 31st matchday of the Bundesliga is now contesting VfL Bochum and FC Augsburg. Here we pursue the complete encounter in the live ticker for you.

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With the VfL Bochum and the FC Augsburg today the tabular stimulant of the Bundesliga receives the spreadsheet. If you choose the duel today, you will learn here in the live ticker.

VfL Bochum vs Augsburg Full Match Live Score | German Bundesliga 2022

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VfL Bochum vs. FC Augsburg: Bundesliga today in the live ticker - before starting

Before starting: Today's Sunday in the Bundesliga is all about the relegation battle. The FC Augsburg is currently in place in 14 with 32 points. The FCA lost against Hertha BSC against Hertha BSC and thus against a direct competitor in the relegation battle and must continue to bend around the league. The VfL Bochum could get a big step closer today with a victory. The team of Thomas Rice would then have 39 meters in the account at still three games to be delivered.

Before starting: The game of the 31st matchday of the Bundesliga is spoiled today at 15.30 in the Vonovia-Ruhrstadion in Bochum.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the live ticker of the game between VfL Bochum and the FC Augsburg.

VFL Bochum vs. FC Augsburg: Bundesliga today in the live ticker - expected listings

  • Vfl Bochum: Riemann - Gamboa, Bella Kotchap, Leitsch, Bockhorn - Losilla - Osterhage, Rexhbecaj - Zoller, Holtmann - Polter
  • FC Augsburg: Gikiewicz - Gumny, Gouweleeuw, Oxford, Iago - Maier, Dorsch - Caligiuri, Vargas - Hahn, Gregoritsch

VFL Bochum vs. FC Augsburg: Bundesliga today in live in the TV and Livestream

Dazn shows today the game between VfL Bochum and FC Augsburg live in the TV and Livestream. On Dazn 2 you see the encounter today live and full length from 15.00 clock. The kick-off of the game takes place at 15.30 clock.

For Dazn the game today comment on Marco Hagemann and Benny Lauty. With the Dazn -App or your laptop in the browser you can see the game today live and fully in the livestream.

A subscription costs at Dazn 29.99 euros a month or 274.99 euros a year.

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Bundesliga, matchday 31: The current table

Place Team Games Goals Difference Points
1 Bayern Munich 31 92: 30 62 75
2 Borussia Dortmund 31 77: 46 31 63
3 Bayer Leverkusen 31 72: 44 28 55
4 RB Leipzig 31 66: 33 33 54
5 SC Freiburg 31 52: 37 15 52
6 1. FC Union Berlin 31 42: 40 2 50
7 1. FC Cologne 31 47: 45 2 49
8 1899 Hoffenheim 31 52: 47 5 46
9 Eintracht Frankfurt 31 42: 44 -2 40
10 1. FSV Mainz 05 31 43: 41 2 39
11 Boron. Mönchengladbach 31 45: 58 -13 38
12 VfL Wolfsburg 31 39: 51 -12 37
13 VFL Bochum 30 30: 43 - 13 36
14 FC Augsburg 30 34: 47 - 13 32
15 Hertha BSC 30 32: 66 -34 29

16 | VfB Stuttgart | 30 | 36: 53 | -17 | 28 17 | Arminia Bielefeld | 31 | 24: 49 | -25 | 26 18 | SPVGG Greuther Fürth | 31 | 25: 76 | -51 | 17


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