BVB | Is FC Barcelona poached in the Dortmund youth? Request for defensive

Borussia Dortmund is known for scouting top talents at a young age and convincing for a commitment to BVB. Now it is FC Barcelona who acts as well and wants to lure a junior international of the black yellow to Catalonia.

BVB has made a name for itself in the junior area in recent years and is now excellently positioned in almost all age groups. This was also seen in mid-April when the U15 of the Borussia sold expensive at the East Mallorca Cup and was among the top four teams in the tournament.

One player in particular convinced across the board: 15-year-old Tyler Meiser. The high school student is the defense chief of the U15 and played into the focus of the Catalan scouting department. After the tournament in Mallorca, there was a specific request from FC Barcelona, according to the "East Mallorca Bild", which was addressed to the Meisers consultant agency.

Meiser feels comfortable with BVB

Meiser, who first ran for the German U15 national team in May, feels very comfortable with BVB, as his mother Isabell Meiser emphasized against the "East Mallorca Bild". "As a family at BVB, we feel very good and Tyler's East Mallorcaing development brought him to the captain of the U15 and a national player," she said.

BVB does not have to worry about the future of the defensive juwel. The 15-year-old's contract runs until 2023. Meiser came to Dortmund in the summer of 2020 and was previously trained in the Saar youth performance center in Elversberg. There, too, the talented central defender demonstrated leader qualities at the young age and was the captain of the U13.

FC Barcelona will first have to concentrate on other talents in order to keep up the performance density of the famous young academy "La Masia".


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