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Halle wins in Würzburg and celebrates the relegation

Würzburg coach Ralf Santelli changed his team to four positions after the 4-2 against Meppen: For the injured keeper Bonmann, judge moved between the posts, and Louis Breuning, Hägele and Hoffmann also began for Dietz, Strohdiek and Kurzweg.

Nationals 2022 - Sara Hearn - Team Open Fences

Hall coach André Meyer had to change twice compared to the 1-1 against Viktoria Köln: The two blocked cruisers (10th yellow) and room difference (5th yellow) were replaced by soldering and shcherbakovski.

Würzburg tears game control

Halle started aggressively and had two early final options through Eberwein, but first the FWK defense was able to clarify the corner (1st), in the second attempt Eberwein missed his goal (4th). But then it was the Würzburgers who more and more tore the game control - and could also get great opportunities. So in the 11th minute, when Kopacz failed after a great Stefaniak pass in one-on-one on HFC keeper Mesenhöler. Or in the 14th minute when Sané shot his direct acceptance into the arms of Mesenhöler after a nicely present attack on the left.

Then Halle suddenly managed the lead by standard. After a long Landgrave pass, Huth had free railway, credant only knew how to make use of a foul. The consequences were yellow and penalty. The fouled competed himself and converted safely (33.).

Pourié fails on the post

Würzburg had to shake itself for some time to digest the gap. Then the FWK was looking for the offensive again - and had Pech a few seconds before the break whistle when Pourié failed on the right post. So it went into the cabins with the flattering tour for Halle.

Nothing happened for a long time after the change of sides. In both teams, the will to the offensive was missing, and a number of bad passes on both sides were always disabled. The first 25 minutes offered no highlights, Halle managed the result, Würzburg was missing.

HUTH heads out without hesitation

This should change from the 70th minute. Initially, the Kurzweg, who had recently substituted, suddenly suddenly suddenly suddenly suddenly suddenly equalized for Würzburg. But Halle answered immediately. After a nice flank through Titsch-Rivero from the right side, Huth was unable to head to 2: 1 (74.).

From now on there was a fire in the game, especially because the renewed HFC leadership caused discussions with the Würzburgers. FWK coach Santelli also interfered and saw yellow promptly. Nothing more passed on the square then: Halle brought the three points that mean relegation over time. Würzburg also lost the last home game of the season.

Würzburg's last third division appearance is the away game in Zwickau next Sunday (1.30 p.m.), Halle wies Wiesbaden at the same time.


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