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St. Paulis Dittgen is currently drawing the strings at FC Ingolstadt

Maximilian Dittgen, who relocated from SV Wehen Wiesbaden to the Kiez Upper Bavarias in 2020, brings the experience of 98 2nd division video games (ten goals) and also 81 3rd department (6 goals) to Upper Bavaria.


Dittgen obtains the number 10 for the Schanzern. In Ingolstadt, he not just satisfies a former buddy with train Rüdiger Rehm: At SG Sonnenhof Großaspach, I played a season with Tobias Schröck, and the get in touch with has not yet been taken apart. That is why it is not taken apart I made the decision a bit easier.

From the very first discussion, Max Dittgen has actually transmitted that he will do everything to support our club in accomplishing our goals, FCI handling director Sport Dietmar Beiersdorfer is priced quote on the club internet site. He has a solid left foot, a remarkable fundamental speed in addition to a passionate as well as extensive having fun all-seam of buildings that he has actually shown both in the second and highest division. Play the facility, which will certainly offer our offensive game much more irregularity.


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