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The Lewandowski situation: Exactly how it happened

The past season started for him, as the 2020/21 period finished: Robert Lewandowski met and met and met. In mix with Thomas Müller, the Bavarian strike apparatus worked like a perfectly configured robot. He rapidly led the scorer list, broke even more records as well as was elected FIFA World Football player in the previous year. Till after that, the period, with the imperfection of the DFB Mug out as well as second place in the balloon d'Or political election, nearly went according to intend for him.

dismissal motions raised

If he was just spasmated in the first half of the season, as in the 2-1 triumph versus Mainz, abuse as well as dissatisfied on the square, these motions loaded up in the second half of the period. Lewandowski was located less regularly by his colleagues, in the 2nd fifty percent of the season he continued to be 6 Bundesliga games without a hit. Abnormally for him-and insufficient to want to become world footballers again.

Lewandowski additionally criticized Bayern football inside

The post viewed this growth early, he really did not like it. Due to the fact that he could ultimately shine much less frequently, of training course not. Nevertheless: Where the strike was once again liquid than the beer bar at the Oktoberfest, the ballot and also framework were missing out on in 2022. The chances for him became less, much developed from chance or the individual course. Of the 41 Bayern goals in the 2nd fifty percent of the season, just seven were completed. Lewandowski, the twist learned, additionally criticized the way of practiced football. Due to the fact that his personal sporty objectives of world football players or the Champions Organization once more obtained a lengthy means to win.

it was not per se about Haaland, yet concerning the circulation of priorities

The Poland also displaced that the Bayern managers had actually additionally postponed the talks past a feasible contract expansion far into springtime. He himself said that those liable managed Haaland with Erling Haaland, that was understanding just how business works, he himself claimed that he understood the association's approach. The circulation of priorities was problematic for Lewandowski: very first Haaland, after that he. This recognition for him was the following turbulent factor. The 33-year-old was flashy and directly disappointed with the scenarios on Säbener Straße.

The Polish national group is presently not working: Robert Lewandowski after the 1: 6 versus Belgium. Imago/NewSpix

presently threatens Lewandowski his photo

After the period ending, Lewandowski announced in Wolfsburg that he had notified Hasan Salihamidzic sporting activities director of not expanding the contract. Given that then it has been clear: the Post already wishes to go to FC Barcelona this summer season. This appears to be at any rate. In the past couple of weeks, he barely missed out on a way to express his adjustment of adjustment and also to state his emotional goodbye from Munich. The openly performed spoken exchange of impacts with the Bayern bosses certainly does not polish up its photo, however.

Bayern is searching for the 30 objective demonstrator

Or else, as in Dortmund 2013/14, the constellation will occur. As well as that indicates: stay., if he wants or not. .

Yet it is additionally clear: Lewandowski is still an employee, his work agreement is still running till summer season 2023. The Bavarians have actually not yet found an ideal substitute for the leading striker. Only if there is an opportunity to be able to employ an enemy to which you rely on Munich, to fire virtually 30 goals per period, can those accountable fit Lewandowski's exchange intentions.


The previous period began for him, as the 2020/21 period finished: Robert Lewandowski met and met and met. If he was just spasmated in the first half of the period, as in the 2-1 victory against Mainz, abuse and disappointed on the square, these gestures stacked up in the second fifty percent of the period. Lewandowski was found less regularly by his colleagues, in the 2nd fifty percent of the season he continued to be 6 Bundesliga video games without a hit. After the season finale, Lewandowski revealed in Wolfsburg that he had actually notified Hasan Salihamidzic sporting activities supervisor of not expanding the agreement. Only if there is a possibility to be able to hire an enemy to which you count on in Munich, to shoot almost 30 goals per season, can those liable accommodate Lewandowski's exchange purposes.


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