Essen's Engelmann: Document player in the reservist duty?

For Engelmann it is consequently clear that we can tear something in the really slim 3rd league. On Saturday versus Elversberg and additionally in the games that schedule after that.

Essentially, Engelmann thinks, RWE is well furnished for the coming season. Our team is effectively located, obtained some solid gamers and is well prepared, claims the assailant.

The assailant's statistics go over: 307 missions, 166 objectives and also ultimately 4 times in a row. On Saturday, nonetheless, when Essen meets Elversberg at the beginning of the period, Engelmann might just need to sit on the bench and also watch from there, as Ron Berlinski puts on the role in the Essen strike facility. All the same, the perceptions of the prep work suggest that the beginner from Verl might get preference.

Navy He is the document player of the Regionalliga West, he holds the Torrecord, as well as in current years he has always been a load-bearing pillar with RWE: Simon Engelmann, 33.

In the past 7 or eight years I was hardly ever sitting on the bench. To make sure that would be a transition, says Engelmann, yet quickly sends out later on: If so, if so, I will certainly take and take the duty on a possible substitution Give everything to aid the group.


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