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Successful dress rehearsal in spite of various light weight aluminum hits

Coach Sascha Hildmann did not intend to hang the starting line-up today, continuously stressed that quickly before the start of the affordable game, she still had a chance of imposing herself. Max Schulze Niehues in the objective must be established, in the chain of 4 before him, Alex Langlitz, Niko Koulis, Alexander Hahn and team captain Marc Lorenz, Thomas Kok safeguarded the midfield in the six-position in addition to Nicolai Remberg as well as Yassine Beachama. Shaibou Oubeyapwa and Henok Teklab ought to swirl on the outdoors, and also the emphasis of Andrew Wooden should trigger the goal.

The mentoring team took 7 modifications twenty minutes before the end, brought the whole financial institution to the field except for Tom Müller. A little later, these alternatives repaid directly when Wegkamp brought a shaft flank across the line-3: 0 Prussia. It was the last score in a general effective examination.

Simply 2 guideline transforms later, Wood was back on the area, was in the appropriate area for a sponge in the second blog post and also increased to 2: 0. The latte protected against the 3: 0 by QuBEYAPWA (70th).


The dress rehearsal, a week prior to the organization begin against SG Wattenscheid 09, led our eagle wearers to the Emsland on Saturday afternoon. There the Prussians anticipated a committed league team that lasted the absolutely no for a long period of time, but also took advantage of the initially weak exploitation of the regional organization. In the long run, the Münsterers dominated 3-0 (0-0).

From the start, the eagle wearers were overbearing, were straight in the video game over a whole lot of ball control and offensive impulse. But the league team defended himself, defended as much as possible. It was above all the Prussians that, particularly in the initial round, ran too lots of top-class possibilities. No one could have grumbled concerning a 4: 0 or 5: 0 break. A meant offside objective of Wood, two messages, one of Wooden and among Beachama within a few seconds and also more exceptional levels could have been causing a different break.

the data for the video game from Spelle.

Tore: 0: 1 Wooten (61.) 0: 2 Wooten (63.) 0: 3 Wegkamp (75. ).

The dress rehearsal, a week before the league begin versus SG Wattenscheid 09, led our eagle wearers to the Emsland on Saturday afternoon. There the Prussians expected a committed league team that lasted the zero for a lengthy time, yet also profited from the at first weak exploitation of the local league. The league team defended himself, safeguarded as much as possible. Nobody could have complained regarding a 4: 0 or 5: 0 break. Simply two reminder transforms later on, Wooden was back on the area, was in the ideal area for a sponge in the 2nd post and boosted to 2: 0.

Establishing SCP: Schulze Niehues-Langlitz (Amadi, 70.), Koulis (Scherder, 70.), Hahn, Lorenz (shaft, 70.)- Remberg (Kloth, 70.), KOK (Grote, 70. ), Beachama-Oubeyapwa (Bindemann, 70.), Wooden (Wegkamp, 70.), Teklab (Kwadwo, 46.).


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