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FC Bayern, news and rumors: Hair sees FCB video game

FC Bayern Munich is stated to be interested in a dedication by Konrad de la Fuente from Olympique Marseille.: Previous Bayern captain Philipp Lahm commended his former club in the highest tones.

Here you concern the Bayern information and reports of the previous day.

FC Bayern, News: Sadio Guy at the game of the 2nd team

Hair shared Justin Janitzek's lead in his story on Instagram, but after that the novices of the document champs still accumulated the game as well as the equalizer finished 1-1.

The second team of FC Bayern satisfied Aschaffenburg on Sunday in the regional league and was supported there by Sadio Mane, who considered the video game together with Wish Segbe Azankpo in the Grünwald Arena.

New enhancement launches to 1st area! The incomes of the Bayern stars

FC Bayern, Rumor: Ex-Barca ability on Bayern desire listing?

Sports board participant Oliver Kahn lately clarified that the transfer tasks of the record champs are general this summertime, however according to the transfer specialist Matteo Moretto, FC Bayern is claimed to have actually asked Olympique Marseille for Konrad de la Fuente.

The 21-year-old winger originates from the young people of FC Barcelona and moved to Marseille last summer season for 3 million euros. According to Moretto, FC Burnley, Besiktas Istanbul, Olympiakos Piraeus, FC Porto and Borussia Mönchengladbach must likewise show interest in enhancement to FC Bayern.

De La Fuente is claimed to have already settled on a change with FC Valladolid, yet because of new queries, this transfer is currently obviously on the verge. Moretto reports that Bayern likewise campaigned for the American and also would love to sign him.

FC Bayern, News-Lahm: Bavaria are unique in Europe

Articles and also videos on the subject * Modeste before BVB modification tree gart pissurers: Place me on! * Don't feel grabbed: Salihamidzic justifies Lewy-Depart and also handles Sane * Register the Bundesliga on Fridays as well as Sundays specifically survive DAZN-now!


Lahm spoke out to provide Nagelsmann the essential time. The very first year under Jupp Heynckes 2011/12 was also not one of the most successful, we were 3 times second and also won the triple in 2013, he stated.

Philipp Lahm sees FC Bayern as a prime instance of good job and also continuity in the football company. Specifically with the previous gamers who have actually been running this club for 40 years.

Nevertheless, Lahm anticipates coach Julian Nagelsmann to take one progression at Bayern in his second year. Julian Nagelsmann currently needs to demonstrate how he can create the group, claimed the eight-time German champion: He has actually confirmed in Hoffenheim and also Leipzig that he can develop teams. The constellation at one of the biggest clubs worldwide War-straight for one young mentoring. A title was alright. At Bayern FC Bayern has to jump out more than one title in order to be able to work really effectively over several years.

FC Bayern: The start of the period at a glimpse

FC Bayern Munich is stated to be interested in a commitment by Konrad de la Fuente from Olympique Marseille.: Previous Bayern captain Philipp Lahm praised his former club in the highest tones. Philipp Lahm sees FC Bayern as a prime instance of great work and also connection in the football company. Lahm expects trainer Julian Nagelsmann to take one step onward at Bayern in his second year. At Bayern FC Bayern has to leap out more than one title in order to be able to work really efficiently over numerous years.

Date Opponent Place Competitors outcome
Saturday, July 30 RB Leipzig Red Bull Field, Leipzig Supercup, final 5: 3.

Friday, August 5 | Eintracht Frankfurt | Deutsche Financial Institution Park, Frankfurt | Bundesliga, matchday 1st | 6: 1. Sunday, August 14 | VfL Wolfsburg | Allianz Arena, Munich | Bundesliga, second matchday |-. Sunday, August 21 | VfL Bochum | Vonovia Ruhrstadion, Bochum | Bundesliga, third matchday |-. Saturday, August 27 | Borussia Mönchengladbach | Allianz Field, Munich | Bundesliga, 4th matchday |-.


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