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Where to find UFO in Fortnite - all the locations of the saucer

As part of the weekly or daily quest missions in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, players must explore and find one of several alien UFOs scattered on the map. They are not copies, but are real creatures that you can ride, and which the player can use to travel and move from the pursuit of opponents. There are currently six UFOs parked in different parts of the card. So, if you are trying to find a UFO to fulfill any of your missions or want to ride it just for pleasure, you should start by visiting the external borders of UFOs. Daily Horn POI or look for other vehicles from specified landmarks.

Places of UFOs in Fortnite-Chapter 3, Season 3

You can find one UFO spacecraft parked in the next place. Use the image below for the graphic representation of the attraction.

  1. On the small top of the hill outside the Sleepy Sound landmark in the northwest direction.
  2. Near the edge of the pond south of the Poi Logjam Lotus
  3. Outside the Poi Daily Bugle near the coastline
  4. South of the Johns Landmark
  5. On the north-east edge of the Poi fat groove
  6. On the hilly area outside the main building of the racing highway Chonkers.


Is it possible to control the UFO spacecraft?

As mentioned earlier, they are controlled and fly as a Choopa helicopter. In addition to flight and movement, you can also use a spacecraft to combat enemies using the default laser attached to the lower part of the aircraft.

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