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Basketball -European Champion - Germany vs. Montenegro: round of 16 now in the live ticker

The German national basketball team today fulfills Montenegro in the round of 16 of the Euro basket 2022. Right here you can comply with the game in the online ticker.

All video games of the German team at Euro basket live and at no cost at Magenta Sporting activity!

15. | As if the Montenegrins were not already offered sufficient with Franz Wagner's totally free tosses, the Magic is now additionally striking the half-left triple line. What a presentation of power, Germany currently leads with 32:14!

Before the start: |* good afternoon as well as welcome to the round of 16 of the German basketball gamers! In Berlin, it goes versus outsiders Montenegro at 6 p.m.

All games of the European Basketball Championship are revealed atmagenta Sporting activity _, consisting of today's between the DBB team and Montenegro and also cost free. The video games of the German group are all free, so a paid subscription is just required for the rest.

????LIVE 12. | Excellent stage of the German group! Mao do LO gets his own rebound, then And Oust in the left edge has all space in the globe for the trio! At 26:10, Bosco Ludovic has no option yet to take the time out.

5. | Again Schröder has space, however this moment he is not successful. The DBB team ought to currently capitalize on this strong stage and also include the best as possible.

Basketball-EM, Germany vs. Montenegro: round of 16 in LiveTicker-1. Quarter.

Quarter conclusion: The initial quarter could not have actually run better from a German perspective. The offensive is not actually picking up, the DBB team is already ahead with nine points versus safe Montenegrin.

-- Stand in the 2nd quarter after 9 minutes.

Group | 1. Quarter | 2. Quarter | 3. Quarter | 4. Quarter. Germany | 19 | | |. Montenegro | 10 | | |.

The European Basketball Championship 2022 continues with the round of 16. Among the 8 video games is today's between Germany and also Montenegro, which happens in Berlin. You can review the whole training course of the game in the live ticker from SPOT .

Articles and video clips on the subject. * Round Live: Host Turkey versus FRA. * All video games of the BBL Cope With Magenta Sport.

Basketball-European Germany vs. Montenegro: round of 16 on television as well as livestream today.

Basketball-EM, Germany vs. Montenegro: round of 16 now in the live ticker.

Prior to the beginning: In a feasible quarter-final, Greece can wait with Giannis Antetocounmpo. Prior to the beginning: The mood in the Cologne Lanxess Sector was applauded by all sides. Before the start: The Adriatic certified for the round of 16 behind Spain and also Turkey. Prior to the beginning: |* What did the German team have in the group phase for great looks!

basketball European Championships: The round of 16 pairs.

13. | Montenegro is totally off the role. Franz Wagner is successful in the swipe around a hair.

4. | The German offensive efforts look far better, Dennis Schröder satisfies his initial three!

7. | Bajan Dubljevic shows a great deal of existence under the German basket. Covered by 2 men, he locates the void for his center colleague Marko Monodic, that even draws the nasty with his 2.

The initial reports for the game begin at 5:30 p.m. The following personnel will be used:.

Basketball-EM, Germany vs. Montenegro 44:24

Day Encounter Secret information.
Saturday, September 10 Turkey vs. France 12 p.m.
Sunday, September 11 Ukraine vs. Poland 12 p.m.

8th. | The 2 centers are supplied, so Vladimir Mihailovic attempts to go alone and meet the middle distance. Montenegro is up to one factor.

10. | Great dedication from Jonas Wohlfarth-Bottermann, who somehow keeps the round on the baseline in the game! The subsequent property of the ball finishes Mao do LO using step-back triangular!

1. | Daniel This wins the jumping sphere and also provides the German group the very first attack!

3. | Once again Schröder with the desire pass on This!

10. | late first quarter.

17. | The following effort by Midtown is once more an anguish. Igor Drobný nearly tries it from the center line.

14. | Are these actually the very first points of Bajan Dubljevic? The facility is played once more and again, yet it is just in 4th effort it is successful with a basket.

_ Diesel article is constantly upgraded. Click below for the refresh of the web page. _.

15. | With the line to enable the throws from outdoors, the German protection remains to drive outstandingly. Because Montenegro just does not hit a barn gate.

You can read the entire program of the game in the real-time ticker from SPOT .

10. | Franz Wagner has not yet been an aspect. Although it moves elegantly to the three-way line, it stays with the metal.

11. | Take place! .

Before the beginning: It sounds a little like the songs to curse of the Caribbean, the Montenegrin national anthem. The German anthem is right away, then it starts!

18. | Montenegro attempts the crowbar. Marko Monodic just turns Franz Wagner around heading to the basket.

14. When Dino Dončić drives the leg a little when dropping, | The round is currently g1. Clear unsportsmanlike foul!

3. | And Oust enters the central place and also gets the first 3 of the video game! Of training course, the native of Halle should not leave so much room.

Basketball-EM, Germany vs. Montenegro: round of 16 in the live ticker.

Prior to the beginning: The Adriatic received the round of 16 behind Spain and Turkey. International stars are not looking for it in the team of Bosco Ludovic, Nikola NuCivic from the Chicago Bears had canceled his event engagement in advancement. Monte grin showpiece is only the hostile defense.

10. | also helpful for Germany that Kendrick Perry's lots of deep trials are still successful.

11. | The beginning of the 2nd quarter is additionally appealing. Johannes Thailand overruns Marko Monodic.

8th. | After around three and also a half minutes, Germany is finally successful once again! LO outlines for the Thiemann-Dreier, the 2 Alba associates normally jump on blind.

16. | A little twinkle of expect the Montenegrins. The Adriatic only accomplish their second trio.

Before the beginning: The head coach needs to do without Nick Weiler-Babb today, which falls short with a shoulder injury. Justus Holland will certainly take his function today.

Prior to the start: In a feasible quarter-final, Greece can wait with Giannis Antetocounmpo. National instructor Gordon Herbert does not intend to throw away any kind of idea: ´ We take one game after the other. If you look in advance, you forget it today. Look after this today and tomorrow will deal with itself. '.

4. | Montenegro gets problems with the throwing. Kendrick Perry takes the emergency situation toss over Schröder from the second row and also just strikes the front basket. ||**.

2. | Now the time has actually come. Dennis Schröder plays the plug go through the legs on Daniel This, that bets the initial 2 German factors. | Moderation: Anent Settler.| Professional: Per Gunther.| Remark: Sebastian Ulrich.| Co-comment: Pascal Roller.| Area press reporter: ** Benny Wander.

1. | Bajan Dubljevic grumbles greatly under the basket, but places the sphere on the. In the initial minute the points are still a very long time coming.

18. | There would certainly have been much more in there! Johannes Thailand merely throws the round far forward after the swipe. Mao do LO has all the globe on the standard, but has to decrease from a complete run. Inevitably, this fast break is likewise played too complicated.

Before the beginning: The state of mind in the Fragrance Lanxess Arena was praised by all sides. Is it perhaps also a negative aspect to have to relocate to Berlin for the knockout round?

Prior to the beginning: Johannes Voigtmann, Franz Wagner, Daniel This, Dennis Schröder as well as And Oust begin for the DBB team.

9. | Mao do LO brings new swing once again! Born in Berlin, the Step-Back-Dreier is misleading, however then dancing around the opponent.

Before the beginning: |* What did the German group have in the team phase for fantastic appearances! Most of all, the 109:10 thriller versus Lithuania consisting of double overtime is of course kept in mind, additionally the 106: 71 Banter triumph versus Hungary. A triumph against the Montenegrin, which was only recuperated due to the Russian exclusion, shouldn't be an issue.

2. | Dennis Schröder likewise can not get the very first points, Kendrick Perry blocks at the last moment!

19. | Dennis Schröder shows itself on the contrary side a lot more innovative, the bullet days from the right into the mesh! The Braunschweig citizen is currently at eight aids, the driver and thinker remains in German game.

16. | In the break, the play is gotten ready for Franz Wagner. And what can you claim, that works too!

15. | Besides, the visitors currently prosper in the very first offensive rebound. Considering that Germany additionally plays two fast break opportunities to hit, Gordon Herbert asks for the very first German break.

6. | Niels Highway is substituted, however is also not successful with a very first triple attempt from the best edge.


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