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Wüstefeld - When does the HSV react


spiegel reports on millions

The discoveries of the Spiegel are eruptive. And also noise so acquainted. The information publication regularly reports on allegations versus the 53-year-old interim board within the clinical sector, and also it is in fact always about uncertain organization. Several million actions versus him and his companies will certainly quickly be discussed in front of the area court, states the article. Furthermore, the public district attorney has actually confirmed a criminal issue for cheating. The hamburg regional court is working out a violation of competitors under the data number 415 HBO 44/21. The Spiegel likewise reports that the judicial authority is thought that the HSV employer has unlawfully marketed medications. He is stated to have gotten in the production of cannabis products 3 years back and used them as clinical gadgets.

After the last discoveries a month back, Hamburg's managerial board manager Marcel Jansen supported the board with the statement that all of this had nothing to do with the HSV to do-it-all additionally created more vertebrae: in June he created a report regarding that of Transformation process meant to him, supplied to the investors as well as supervisory boards, yet not collaborated with his board colleague Jonas Bold. Background: Mustered, until now equivalent to the sports director, strives for the placement of chairman via Bold: I am only offered in this feature as well as duty.

no choice before the World Cup break

Jansen, that at first had company partnerships with Mustered before his HSV access as a companion, has actually thus far proclaimed that he does not wish to make any type of workers decisions prior to the Globe Mug break in November: Mustered's board mandate ends with the turn of the year, Bold's contract runs on June 30, 2023, out. An expert coexistence in between both board members has actually not been feasible for weeks, currently the ex-professional, if he intends to seek his control order seriously, does not come past the understanding that the continuous headings are a large strain for the HSV.

Mustered describes competitors project

He as soon as again ensures that there is absolutely nothing on the reports and also that it is a project of rivals. The hsv managerial board can no longer disregard the resulting headings if it desires to avert damages from the association.

The information publication regularly reports on claims versus the 53-year-old acting board within the clinical market, and it is actually constantly concerning dubious service. The Spiegel also reports that the judicial authority is thought that the HSV boss has unlawfully offered medicines. The HSV supervisory board can no much longer disregard the resulting headings if it wants to avoid damages from the organization.


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